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  1. Greetings and salutations. I reactivated my profile and within two days, a response. My new roommate is perfect for me, he is a surgeon on fellowship and I am a law student on scholarship. He is respectful, kind, and an international community member. I could not have done better on my own. Thank you for your service. - Heidi

  2. Thanks for your service. I found a great roommate within a week! This is the second time I've used your service and both times have worked out great! - Katrina

  3. I am so grateful...I found a wonderful roommate thanks to your site! THANKS A MILLION! - Lissette

  4. This website was great. I had over twenty people that pursued me to have as a roommate. I simply built my profile and it did the rest itself. Thanks - Eric

  5. Wow. I was skeptical, but... it worked! Impressive. - Jacob

  6. Thank you for a valuable service. I was able to find the perfect roommate. - Thomas

  7. Excellent site -- Well worth the cost to join. Thanks a million -- will definitely use again and recommend to others! - Amanda

  8. I found a great roommate through this site, and it only took me ONE DAY of membership! I must say, I'm very impressed. - Michelle

  9. I had a great experience through I found a responsible and respectful roommate with very similar preferences to my own. Thanks so much! - Trudy

  10. I had several wonderful potential roommates to choice from and I finally selected someone who will fit in perfectly! Thanks for offering such an exceptional service. I sincerely thank you, also, for your tremendous efforts in protecting us from possible scams! My experience with has be nothing less than wonderful! This is my second time using the service and I'm sure I'll return in the future for additional help! - Douglas

  11. Thanks so much! I have never found a place to live so quickly and successfully. - Trent

  12. Great service, hundreds of leads, two weeks and found a roommate in the area I was moving to. Thanks. - Chris

  13. Found my roommate within 24 hours of joining. Thanks for an amazing service that provides what it promises. - Jesse

  14. Thanks for all the choices out there...found a good spot in a good location with what looks like good people. - Cash

  15. is great. This is the second time in three years that I have used this website and I am completely satisfied. My old roommate and I are still friends even though we have gone our separate ways, and I think my new roommate and I will be a very good match. I also love the fact that your prices are more than reasonable. Kudos!! - Pascha

  16. I was happy to find someone that was looking for a roommate... not a girlfriend. I ended up with way cool roommates that are turning out to be new friends. - Kathryn

  17. I had such a great experience with your website, I have recommended your services to all of my friends, who are now activating accounts. Thank you so much for the great service.!!! - Ruth

  18. I just wanted to thank whoever started this site. I found an awesome roommate who I get along with great! It definitely made moving across the country a little easier. - Victoria

  19. I found all of my 3 current roommates through after attentively screening a lot of applicants in the length of 1 year long because I first only wanted to have 1 roommate. Then, I decided to have another one after I used to live and share the same house with that roommate. It led me to have now 3 different ones since my unit is a brand-new 4-bed, 4-bath townhouse. I'd like to express my appreciation to I know whenever I need to look for a roommate, your website is the first one I can turn to. I have tried other websites but found no effectiveness, professionalism, and safety as I really and highly recommend your website and your well-organized and professional service to all people who are looking for a place to rent or having a place to rent out. - Erick

  20. Great site - I found someone that is very compatible. People kept telling me to try Craigslist, but that seemed so random and scary. allowed me to narrow the roommate pool and screen potential roommates so well that I found someone that fit my profile EXACTLY. Thanks for offering a great service at a great value. - Becca

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