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09/09/2020 has been updated!

Based on feedback from our members, we’ve updated the design of several areas of our site and we think you’ll love it. It's all part of our continuing effort to make finding a roommate an easy, enjoyable, and safe experience. Here are the details: 


New Profiles
Important information is now easier to find on both desktop and mobile, such as home features and what a person is looking for. We’ve tweaked the colors as well to make things more readable to those with low vision. Your Perfect Match® just got more perfect.


New Profile Cards
We’ve tweaked the design of our profile cards to make them more clear and easy to read. Important information is more visible, and photos are more clear. We've also got a brand-new set of avatars for you to check out.


Updated Signup and Settings

We’ve made a number of updates under-the-hood and on the outside to these areas. It’s now easier to edit your profile, change your membership, and navigate through your account area.


And More!
You’ll find other updates throughout the site, we've improved just about everything. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or issues.