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  1. Your site was absolutely perfect as far as helping people get connected, I had new matches every time I checked my email, you guys are great and if I ever need another roommate you guys will be the first site I go to!!! - Erica

  2. Thank you roomate service! I found a roommate much quicker than my newspaper ads which had been quite unsuccessful for two months before I tried you. I have found a great roommate with all the qualifications I asked for! Thanks again! - Veronica

  3. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy using your website. Its very easy to use. I've tried other websites but yours I like the best!!! - Jared

  4. AMAZING, I've used this service once in the past and the roommmate I found turned out to be one of the nicest guys I've EVER met. When another of my roommate's moved out I knew I was going to use this again. 2 hours after posting my ad, I had a large number of replies. 8 hours after posting my room has been filled. AMAZING!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! - Ryan

  5. Thanks to your great service, I was able to find and rent my accommodations within 48 hours! Fabulous service, I will highly recommend you to anyone! Thank you very much. - Robert

  6. Great service! I did in one day with this site what I couldn't do in one week with the classifieds. - Brian

  7. My new roommate is from France and while we haven't met in person yet, Sounds like a good match. He is arriving this coming week. I would not have found him if not for your site. Thanks. - Kimi

  8. Thanks much I found a roommate with the 3 day service.. we met up had coffee and I'm moving next week. Anyways have to go pack. Thanks Again! - Abel

  9. Great service ... posted on Thursday and had a roommate by Sunday! The photos really help! - Dorothy

  10. I am very happy with your service. Lots of matches, quick and friendly customer service. You guys are great! - Sabine

  11. Great site, found an awesome roommate thru you.. Thanx! Defintely worth it.. Especially the fact I went to another site, and it was 50 dollars! for a short period of time.. ty! - Jesa

  12. Wow - that worked really, really well. Best $20 I have spent in a long time. - Kate

  13. Thanks a ton, this site saved me a huge headache. I found a place with some great people in a great area, and it didn't cost me everything I had! - James

  14. This is the second time I have used your service and the second time I found a roommate. I also put a $50 ad in the local paper and got nothing! Thanks - K.J.

  15. Your service is wonderful. This is the second time I have used it when a roommate has moved out and I needed to find someone else. Both times I had a new roommate within 2 weeks after posting the ad on your site. Both times I've gotten a cool roommate that I get along with too, without knowing them first, that's pretty amazing. Thanks for your service, thank you very much. - Jeremy

  16. This site is awesome! It's nice to have a place to browse and contact potential roommates anonymously. Thanks for a great service - Angela

  17. I love this web site. It's amazing, and I got the roommates as soon as possible after 12 hours I posted the message. - Jen

  18. Wow. Great service! I found the perfect person almost immediately. - Yaelle

  19. was wonderful in helping my wife and I find a good respectable roommate that we know we can get along with. Thankyou! - Dave

  20. I think your service is great and it's just exactly what I needed to help get relocated and find a room to rent. If I am ever in need of finding a roommate again, you can bet I will come back to your site to search once more. My thanks could never be enough .....but thanks a BUNCH!! ~Mary~

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