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  1. This has been a great service to me and in the first week I received over 25 responces and have found a place. Thank you. - Richard

  2. I found what I was looking for within 10 days! I was contacted by someone who needed a fourth person to fill up the house. Needless to say, I'm pleased. - Neysan

  3. This is truly amazing ... a very professional well run site. I was in an emergency situation to find a place in New York while living and working Canada. I was too busy to make tons of calls and visit places in person. Not only did I find a great place with a great roommate... my apartment in NYC is cheaper than my rent in Canada!!! Best of all, I exerted very little energy to make it happen - did all the work. - Wayne

  4. This service is A+++. FInding a roommate was cake with this service, and I will highly recommend this to my friends. - Phillip

  5. You are excellent. I am so impressed that you work at my new home search as hard as I do. Thank you for sending me leads daily. You are the best. - Andrew

  6. This is an AWESOME service! I LOVE it! I really enjoyed uploading my pix. Signing up was a breeze. - Amy

  7. I am moving in today, as a matter of fact, thanks to you. Found a dream house in Topanga, and couldn't be happier. I was kind of stunned how fast this worked. Thanks again! - Constance

  8. I think very highly of this website. I really liked the "room-mail" service. As a woman it made me feel more secure than giving out my email address to whoever wanted it. I had been searching for over a month before I signed up, and after I did I found my roommate in 2 days. Thank you so much. I will be referring my friends in the future. - Alice

  9. I wish I had more rooms to rent out. I am astonished at the number of responses I received. - Cindy

  10. I would like to thank you and your staff for all the effort that has been given with this site in order to help everyone in finding new roommates. Without your site I would be homeless... I thank you and your site a lot. - Michael

  11. I subscribed to one other site. This site was so much more informative, brought in more prospective roommates, and was just 100 times better. Thanks. - Elizabeth

  12. You have THE most user-friendly sight that I have EVER been to. Thank you for not assuming that I know everytihng about the internet and websites. - Kelsey

  13. I had no idea it would work so well. I just listed today and I've already received about 10 inquiries. This has been a very helpful tool in finding us a new roommate. The site is designed extremely well and it was incredibly easy to get started. - Matt

  14. When my roommate backed out at the last second I was in a huge bind to find a place. I found more than enough great options for me. Within two days I had made contact with several renters and narrowed it down to my top 2 or 3. After that it was history. I really value your service - this is simply the best roommate site on the internet. Hands down. Now I gotta go move, see ya! - Ben

  15. This is the best way to find a perfect roommate. - Kim

  16. Thank you, Both my boyfriend and I actually did find 6 (!) roommates through you, and it's working out very nicely. Thanks! :) - Christal

  17. The service you provide is excellent. From Brazil I was able to find a room in Houston Texas! - William

  18. This is a GREAT service. Quick, affordable, and effective. - Kelli

  19. Three cheers for! I found the most ideal roommate in less than ONE WEEK! I cannot thank you enough for saving me so much time and effort! I was concerned about displaying fliers in public places because I had no idea who would be calling and how safe it would be to interview potential roommates. Your website made me feel secure in my search! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I still can't believe how easy it all was! - Caroline

  20. I just wanted to express my thanks to you guys for helping me find a "killer pad." I am moving back home and was going to spend loads of money to get my own apt. I chose to try, spent some time e-mailing prospects in respective filters that were easy to set up....MAN, WHAT A RESPONSE! I had a real choice on places, with pictures and everything...and I found a beautiful Italian Villa with a REALLY cool owner, the right price/deposit...and we have agreed on a deal! I am so excited to know that I have a place set up (that is beautiful) before I go out there and have to hotel it...spending twice as much whilst I look for a place and am busy working. Thank you sooooooo much! I owe so much to! - Jason

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