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  1. I was truly surprised and pleased with how quickly and easily we filled our vacancy. The ad had been posted for less than a day, and the first person who responded was a perfect fit and has already moved in. The vacancy was unexpected and came near the end of the month--with no notice--so getting a new housemate quickly was quite a relief. It definitely minimized all my economic and stress-related concerns. I will use this service again for future vacant rooms, and will recommend you to others. thanks. - Jerry

  2. I just had a general comment to make about the service you guys have offerred here. I'm a newcomer, and really appreciate the fact that I can register, log on, and check any new messages in such a simple manner. Nothing bothers me more than complicated paths, and you guys have made this seem like a walk in the park! keep up the fabulous service, great work! :) very satisfied user - Blair

  3. I was VERY pleased with the database. I found a quality roommate in less than a month. I'm moving to a new city that I know nothing about and thought I'd be pulling my hair out trying to find a roommate; but your database made it easy and stress free. I'll recommend your site to all I come in contact with who are looking for a roommate. Thanks - Shane

  4. This is the third time I have used your service and I am VERY pleased! I have never had a bad roommate with your service...and it normally only takes me a week to locate one! Thanks again! - Sharon

  5. Your website rocks! I love the messaging. It really makes things easier, and so did the photos--if those things weren't there, it would have made looking for roommates take so much longer :) - Jennifer

  6. This is possibly the greatest service ever! (1)Low pricing (2)Easy to use (3)Great setup. Thanks! - Jason

  7. Thank you! I think your service is great and I am finding great information. I was so surprised; I would never run a newspaper ad again! I am telling everyone about!! - Nancy

  8. Thank you so much for your service. I only wish I had known about it sooner, it would haved saved me so much money. I rented my room in under a week. It was a matter of life or death, and your site was the only site out of all the ones I listed my room under that I had ANY responses from. THANK YOU SO MUCH! - Lila

  9. Four months ago I received a call for a roommate to see my apartment. She was very happy to view the apartment and wanted to move in as soon as possible. She has been wonderful in my home; me and my new roommate are now together in a relationship and now I have asked her to marry me. Thank you! - Matt

  10. I was absolutely astonished at how useful your service was. I have not only found a wonderful roommate, but have met several great new people as well. The search functionality of your site made it so easy to find "the right" kind of people - a major leap over digging through newspaper ads. Thank you for making a potentially stressful experience easy & fruitful. - Danvers

  11. Thank you for providing such a phenomenal service - keep up the great work - I found a place within 2 days. - thank you - Rhaphael

  12. I just have to let you know that this is the quickest and easiest it has ever been to find a roommate. - Aurora

  13. I was first signed up with a competitor of yours... however, I grew tired of writing to people I did not get responses from (couldn't tell how old the listings were) and was getting closer to D-Day when I decided to sign up for your service. I think the room-mail feature is great. It allows you to remain confidential until you're more comfortable and I loved the resources page you made available. I was able to use several of the links you provided. Of course, best of all...I found my new roommate and renter here! Thanks Much - Michelle

  14. I opened an account with every roommate service on the internet and yours was the only one I had replies from. I have now found a great roommate. Thank you! - Bobbie

  15. Thanks - your service is easy, reliable and amazingly cheap - keep it up and keep the prices low - i have recommended this to many friends and they are finding it just as successful. I will be using this again in two months as I took on a temporary move- looking forward to dealing with this service again! :) - Ed

  16. Thank you for having this wonderful service; I found a roommate and a great friend!! - Cristina

  17. Thanks for your excellent service. I have found a perfect roommate through this sevice and I sincerely thank you. - Nicole

  18. Your service is really great. It made it very easy for me to find a good, compatible roommate in the area I was looking for. Thank you! - Richard

  19. This was so easy and efficient. Thanks so much! - Michelle

  20. You guys are wonderful and your system is so easy to follow!! I just can't say enough about this site! - Jennifer

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