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  3. Your service is exceptional I was very pleased with the wide variety of people I was able to reach through you, I will have a room opening up soon and this is the site I will be using. Thank you for your service, Stephen

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  7. This service was wonderful... I really liked the fact that I was able to chat with members before hand. Also I actually came across three possible roommate situations thanks to this service. I found it most helpful and a lot cheaper then others I came across. - Genine

  8. I joined this service and that night I wrote to several individuals regarding the room I had available. The first person who replied saw the room within 3 days of my joining this service and has taken the room. I thought it would take me a month or so to find a new roommate and we found one in 4 days. I will use this service again. - Laura

  9. I really enjoyed using this service. I had plenty of choices and everyone I met through the service was extremely nice. In fact, the room I decided to take was the room of the very first person I met through this site. I was very pleased with the selection. Thank you so very much!!!! - Kara

  10. I found a wonderful roommate through your service. She moved in on July 1, and already it seems as if we have known each other for years. Thank you very much for providing a medium through which I could get my apartment information out to interested persons at a good price. Let's hope that I won't have to use your service in a year's time when the lease is up. :-) - Claudine

  11. Your service is great, the best in the web, I found a couple of great roommates in just two days and my only problem was having to decide which one to take. I strongly recommend your service and I will use it again if I need to. - Juan

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  17. This was so much more productive than scanning the newspapers!!! This process only took a few days vs the few weeks I had already spent looking. - Catherine

  18. Thanks for your help. Saved me alot of trouble by not having to put ad in newspaper and fielding all the calls and not knowing too much about who I would be seeing. Your service provided me with the ability to find my new roommate with the right stats. - Dennis

  19. This is a wonderful website! I had sooo many people contact me for a room and your website made it Very easy for me! Thank you sooo much! - Sharon

  20. Honestly, this service worked well. It was very low hassle, and I found a roommate within like two days of signing up. - Erol

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