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  10. I signed up on 11 websites to find a roommate. I spent $60- on Roommate Express and the other 10 were free. I got an average of 2 responses from each site. provided me with the most matches and I found a roommate. Thanks. - Jodi

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  12. I found my roommate the sameday a day after I joined your service and it seems to be working out good so far ...thank you. I will use you again in the near future - Loricia

  13. You are a great site. I had to turn people down because I received so many applicants. You can be assured that I will use you in the future for all of my roomate needs. Thanks again. - Phil

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  16. Thank you - it's a good way to meet potential roommmates and have conversations (via email) before inviting someone to meet and see my home. - Brian

  17. I found a great place... Now instead of commuting for an hour and a half it takes me 15 minutes! Thanks a mil! - Joel

  18. The service was great, thank you! I especially liked the mail feature. It let me protect my email privacy. Keep up the good work! I'll definitely suggest this site to friends and use it next time I'm looking for a place! - Viki

  19. I was quite surprised to get all the responses I did! At first I was skeptical, but ended up very happy with the service you offer. - Cindy

  20. I just wanted to say thank you to this web site. At first I was just curious to see if I could use the internet to find a place to live. But it worked!!! - Michael

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