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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

131. Your site was very helpful in finding a Roommate. It's easy to use and maintains your privacy. I would definitely recommend it to others if it's their first time looking for a roommate or 10th.
- Jenni
132. Great Service RoomMates.com! I wasn't in a rush to find a roommate because I joined 2 months prior to my lease terminating. I was trying to play it safe. It was nice to know I could find something right away though. I received email responses immediately after signing up. I had several options to choose from, which was nice. I found a place to live and signed the lease agreement within days of posting my info on your site. Now I know for the future in case I need to get a roommate right away how easy it is to get a roommate using your services. Thanks Again!
- Paul
133. I found a great match through your service. I am so thankful this service exists.
- Cynthia
134. I couldn't even imagine the good luck I had when choosing a user from this service. It is by FAR, the best roommate experience I've ever had! I'm very thankful I stumbled upon your site. Everyone I know who's looking for a place or a room to rent, I always refer them to roommates.com. Again, thank you!
- Lisa
135. Roommates.com made my search to fill my apartment easy and accessible. I was pleased with the information provided and the match capabilities the site had to offer. Thank you roommates.com for assisting me through the process of finding the perfect match for my room!
- Erin
136. This website was amazing. Without it,I would not have been able to find a decent roommate and place. Thanks a whole lot!
- Dave
137. Thanks Roommates.com I found a room mate here, or better he found my add and called. We hit it off over the phone and now he's moving to Seattle from L.A.!! His wife is starting medical school at the University of Washington. I wanted to say thank you Roommates!! This is one of the only times I have actually had a 1000% level of satisfaction from a website like this. I was let down by 2 other sites but before I even had time to put in my credit card information I had a room mate match!!!
- Larry
138. Thank you for your help in finding roomies - I found a great place and great people! I will recommend Roommates.com to everyone I know is looking.
- Sterling
139. It was an easy and effective way to minimize extra expenses, lots of great people out there looking to find the right roommate! Awesome website.
- Jorge
140. Roommates.com helped me find a roommate in less than a week!
- Corey