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  1. Thank you for your services. It was soo easy. I received many emails and phone calls. Some people even came to look at the room. But in the end the very first email i received is the person i went with. Thanks again - Kari

  2. introduced me to several people who were interested in my i had the comfort in choosing the person that i wanted. I want to thank for finding my roommate. - Christopher

  3. I was amazed at how well this service worked for me. I created an account on Sunday and by Tuesday I was making arrangements to move in with my new roomate. Obviously it is all dependent on who is out there looking, but it was a fantastic expierance for me. I'm glad that I found! - Dep07

  4. I used this service and found an excellent roommate within 2 days! I was surprised and delighted. I cannot thank you enough for saving me so much time and effort. I had been looking for a roommate for months and was unable to find one through the usual methods. My new roommate is a wonderful person and I am very excited to be able to move in with her. I have saved a lot of money too since I do not have to get my own apartment, which would cost twice as much as living with a roommate. Now I can save money for my retirement. Thank-you! - Marybeth

  5. I found a wonderful roommate and a beautiful home to share with her. Thank you so much for your service. Your referral service really benefits people and the price is well worth it. has made my New Year happy!!!! Thanks so much!!!! - Debbie

  6. Thank you. Your service was amazingly helpful and I found a place to live within 1 week of signing on with I can't thank you enough! - Zachary

  7. Thank you so much, I found a roommate threw here and we are moving into a place next month. She is just like me!! Thanks so much!!! - Elizabeth

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  9. It was great, helped me find a roommate within days of logging on. I would recommend this site to anyone in search of a very good roommate. Thank you. - Nicole

  10. Thanks. Easily worth the money spent. Spent at least 40 times more on newspaper ads, which yielded no solid candidates. - Martin and Kim

  11. has connected me with an awesome roommate for the second time. you guys rock! thank you - Maria

  12. Thank you so much!!!! I found a roommate in less than 24 hours which allowed me to submit my resignation and move to Texas the end of this month. I've planned this for a long time and your service pulled it all together for me. Now that I have a place to live I can accept a job offer I received today. Your website is awesome and very affordable. I cannot express my gratitude enough!!! - Wanda

  13. Through your service, I found an ideal roommate situation. I was moving to LA from across the country, so I really had no option but to use an internet service. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. - Ryan

  14. I was moving to Kansas City and needed to find a roommate in 12 days! Luckily, I found this site and instantly had matches and offers from people. Everyone is really nice and are here for the same reasons, which makes things easy. I found a great roommate in a great location and the rest is history. Thanks! - Cale

  15. I just moved to Hawaii and was down to my last few days to find a place. Signed up for an account with and put up my profile... the next afternoon I get a call from someone who had found me on the site, and we ended up being a perfect match. Within 7 hours I was moving in, and now I couldn't be happier. Thanks! - Chris

  16. is a very useful site, I will definately recommend to anyone. I appreciate all the assistance. - Judith

  17. Once again came through for me. I found a good roommate for the next few months.I espcially appreciate how warns everyone about scams involving fake cashiers checks espcially from overseas. I feel safer knowing that not only do I find good people,but looks out for my safety as well. - Lambert

  18. Dear Roommates, I just found a female roommate with great thanks to your very helpful dot com!! Her name is Lisa and she's a wonderful person!! She will be moving in on the 1st of November and I owe your dot com that greatest thank you for your services and for all of your help!! You truly do have a great website that "Really does work"!! I can't thank you enough!! - Paul

  19. Your service worked GREAT !! Found a Roommate within a few days. Thanks !! - Melltur

  20. Your website was wonderful. I found a roommate within a week or two of registering. Convenient and accurate, this site is definitely worth the research and time. Thank You. - Xao

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