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  1. Roommates is a top source for finding roommates. I recommend it to anyone wanting a compatible match. I always use it as my first source. - Lambert

  2. This is the second roommate that I've found through An online roommmate finder that works similar to a dating website is a simple, yet brilliant idea. I'm sure there are others but I haven't looked for them because this works. This roommate-finding method is much better than a website such as Craigslist because it initially screens people for me. I recommended this website to some of the potential roommates that I found (or found me) on Craigslist. I can't even think of any areas of improvement, although one day you'll improve and I'll wonder why I didn't think of that. I've got my own set of roommate candidate interview questions that could potentially be integrated into the website but everyone's got their own criteria for a roommate anyhow. Thanks for a user-friendly, trustworthy site that works. - ABT

  3. This is the first time I've searched for a roommate. I've tried several sites, but by far, has been the best and ultimately connected me with a REALLY great roommate! Thanks If I ever need to search again, I'm saving myself some time and trouble and coming straight to! - Barbara

  4. Hi Just a comment. I had subscribed to another roommate website but after almost two months I did not have a single response. I then subscribed to this site and within a month I had at least four contacts and just today 10/1 my new roommate moved in. It worked out so perfectly I just had to drop you a note. I don't know what you're doing that the other website is not but I really benefitted from your services. I am sure I will use this site again the next time I need it and will also recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much!!! - Fidel

  5. Hello, I have successfully found a roommate through your service and want to thank you. Prior to signing up I put an ad in the local paper which covers 15 communities for two weeks and never even got a single response. Within 2-3 weeks with you I wrote to several people I thought may be a good match - I also received interested responses to my ad as well. It just worked. I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone to your service. A satisfied customer. - Marlin

  6. Hi, I just want to say thank you. I joined and the next day I got about 10 responses. I went through them and now I have a roommate moving in 10/01/06. This couldn't have been any easier. Thank you all so much, this site has been very helpful and I'll recommend it to a lot of people. Kind Regards - Gifty

  7. A little over two years ago, I used to find a place to live. Two years later, I'm STILL living in the same house and just renewed my lease for another year. It turned out to be the perfect match! Thank you! - Olney, MD - Jen

  8. Great service! Fast, affordable and always accessable! Found a fun, compatible new renter in less than 30 days...BRAVO! Thanks a bunch! - Kathe

  9. Thank you for your service- I found a roommate in 6 days !!!! I couldn't believe how simple your process was to find the perfect roommate for me. You were more effective & cost less than using the newspaper. Thanks Again. SMILES. Peace Be To You. - Shaun

  10. Hi, Thanks for making this website. I was planning to move in with some friends this week, but at the last minute my plans fell through. I got onto your website last night and responded to one of the other people on this site. I met them after work today, and now I have a roommate and am paying a couple of hundred dollars less than if I was to be renting on my own....All within 24 hours. Your site really saved me alot of the pain and the headache of having to spend weeks looking and calling around to every apartment building. Thanks. - Richard

  11. To whom this may concern, Your website is terrific and helped me find the perfect roommate. That you and have a great day. - Lee

  12. I would like to thank for allowing me to find the perfect living situation. I would not have found this arrangement had it not been I literally signed up, performed a search, emailed the one I was interested in, received a call back within the hour, interviewed the following morning and moved in that afternoon on my lunch break. It was quick, painless and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! - Vanessa

  13. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your website. To make a long story short, I found myself in a critical situation and in desparate need of a roommate. Someone I knew reccommended and I begun my search a few days after. Within my first two weeks, I got several responses. Before the end of the month, the postion was filled and now I'm just waiting for them to move in. Your best features were the individual profiles, private mailbox, and user friendly registration. I recommend this website to ANYONE looking for a roommate or a new place to share. For my next move, I'll definitely keep in mind. Thanks. - Sky

  14. To Whom it Concerns, I am extremely impressed with this website and your service. Not only did I find a great roommate but actually ran into an old College classmate of mine on the site who now lives in the area and we've been hanging out a lot. Kudos to, keep up the great work, folks! Thanks, - Chad

  15., Just wanted to let you know how great of a website you have. I found out about it through a friend, got a membership, and had nothing but a great experience. I got a huge response from potential roomates in the Charlotte area and found a great roomate and apartment through your site. I just wanted to say thanks for everything and I will definitely refer anyone I know looking for a roomate to your site. Thanks again - Matt

  16. What an awesome experience. I posted on a Saturday, and my future roomie found & contacted me. We hung out for an evening to get to know eachother and viola! She's moving in soon! I have a friend who advertised in the newspaper and had a terrible experience, I think being able to say what you want up front and being able to filter by matches totally helped find someone that I'm compatible with. Thank you! - Wahine129

  17. This is the second time in two years that I have used your service and found exactly what I was looking for, in two different states. I've checked the other sites that claim to be better. They're not. Thanks for a great site. - Mikelli

  18. I have found a great roommate for the fourth year in a row with minimal hassle! I just love this service, and I recommend it to ANYONE out there looking for a roommate or a place to stay. Don't settle for the knock off services-- I've tried all those. Go with what works. And what works is! - LizCeleste22

  19. Thanks you so much for your services. It was great to get to meet people and have a selection process instead of meeting total strangers through the newspaper or on the street. I met some really wonderful people and found a roommate in the process. She is great and the place is so wonderful. Thanks! - JRosko

  20. Thank you for your services. In the past when I was looking for a roommate, I have been very selective in my search and had to eliminate many unsutiable candidates. Your service supplied me with a wide group of potential roommates to chose from. I am extremely happy with the person who will be living in my home now. - Miriam

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