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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

171. Thanks for your service. I was looking for a roommate across the country and found a perfect match. I never could have done this without your website!!
- Fred
172. Thank you so VERY much for this service ... It provided me a roommate ... and yes, I'm a real person!
- Kayleen
173. The service was wonderful and I found a GREAT roommate! I would definitely recommend this site to my friends!!!
- Sleepy
174. Roommates.com was an excellent resource. I found great roommates, in the location and price range that I was looking for. I would recommend this web site to anyone looking for a place to live.
- Lindsey
175. This service helped me find a great place to live, I was kind of nervous because this was my first time looking for my own place and your service made everything very easy...Thank You
- Chris
176. I must say that I found a room mate in less than a week! I just put down a brief description of myself and roommates.com matched me perfectly with not only a roommate but a very good friend.... This is the second time I used them in 2 different states so it proves to be the number one place to find your next roommate! Thank you roommates.com!
- Angie
177. Once again, this website worked wonderfully. I found a great room mate in a very short time and am quite happy with the situation in general.
- Darin
178. I found a roommate through this site within 2-3 days of joining. Thank you so much, I truly couldn't ask for more!
- Angela
179. I found a roommate within a week using your website. It was so much easier than I ever thought it could be to find someone compatible to live with. I love my new roommate and our place is perfect for my needs. Thanks for a wonderful service!
- Lauren
180. Thank you for your information and help. This is a great service and I will recommend it to others who need this type of assistance.
- Patrick