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191. This website is so great! I used it when I first moved to a major city and now I am best friends with those girls! They have found roommates since then and now I am friends with them too! We call ourselves the Roommates.com gang!
- Amanda
192. Took me about 5 hours from the moment I signed up to find the most amazing people to rent a room from...thanks so much!!!
- Katie
193. This was perfect for what I wanted, found a roommate in 3 days.
- Chris
194. This was a great experience. I was a little skeptical at first, but I found a great roommate and we get along just fine. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone and would use it again in the future!
- Lindsay
195. Doing my searching I got a pretty good response rate. Thanks for creating this site. I found the PERFECT roommate situation through it.
- Earl
196. I just want to say that roommates.com is GREAT!!!!! I used it in the past and found a great roommate and I think I just found another great roommate situation. So thanks roommates.com, you have helped me out twice.
- Eric
197. This website rocks, I found a roommate in just 3 days. I'll be sure to refer any friends who are looking for a roommate to your site. Thanks guys!!
- Chriselle
198. Woot, I couldn't be more happy with your service, it's helped me out a lot in the past year. Constant relocations can be a real problem, but I can always depend upon roommates.com.
- Erik
199. Hey. This site really works. NEAT. No stress, no hassle, you don't even have to pay if you post your phone number and email address... lol. I had 5-6 offers in the first day!! Finding a place/roommate took less than 2 weeks. Definitely made the whole overwhelming task of finding a non-crazy roommate and an affordable place to rent pretty simple. VERY happy. Thanks guys.
- Erin
200. I found a fantastic roommate from your site, AGAIN!
- Vosey