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  1. This site is amazing! I signed up and found 2 wonderful roommates in less than a week. I would be stuck at my substandard apartment if it was not for this site. Now we are living in a beautiful townhome and I am actually saving money! Thank you! : ) - Kteadoll

  2. This site was great! I found a great roommate and a great room within a few days of posting my profile! - Amanda_S

  3. A great service and a nice way to meet people with similar interests. Would use again. Thanks! - Sorelle9

  4. This service is wonderful. I found a sweet place in the area I wanted, for the price I wanted, with great people. Enough said. - Greekboy21

  5. Just wanted to say that this was the best thing I could have done!  I joined last week, found a perfect match, we met today, and we move into our new condo in 2 weeks. I was so pleased with my findings. This is the perfect site!!! Thank you again, Jen - Jeanette

  6. I found a great roommate in 4 days through  I can't believe how easy it was, and that I met such a normal, cool person. Thanks! :)  ~ Karla - KarlaF

  7. Thank You very much for your site. I have located a roommate and we seem to have hit it off very well. Everything happened quicker than I could have ever expected. Thanks so much! - WindWatcher

  8. This service was such a great idea.. My roommate and I moved in together last week after meeting through your site over a month ago. Things are great, we're already great friends and I couldn't ask for a better roommie. Thanks!! - Bigred684

  9. made my life a lot easier! I was able to find a GREAT match. I am very satisfied with the results. -Ilana - Ilana

  10. I really love this website. I found several people I was willing to room with. Thank you for providing this wonderful service; without it I would've wasted time and been in an awkward position. - Miked80

  11. was honestly the best of the multiple online roommate services I visited.  It was the easiest to learn and to maneuver.  My future roommate was using another service which I was not able to navigate very well. He's a very cool guy, and the place is great. I'm sure we'll make a great match. Thanks! - FLbound

  12. What a helpful website! I found a roommate within two days of putting my profile online. I'd been looking around town, putting up fliers, etc. for about two months. cut out all the hassle of trying to find someone to live with. Thanks! - Liberty25

  13. This is our second time on getting a roommmate through it's easier than having to put an ad in the local paper. is a great way to view potential roommates than having to have screen everybody that calls. - 50places

  14. Once again - a match made with a unique room for rent to a seeker with unique requirements. is the perfect filter and the safety of the e-mail function is the reason I would use the site over and over again. When I move to across country it will be the first thing I look up as I cross the state line! - Siouxsie

  15. Not only have I found three roommates at different times using, but my most recent roommate and I are getting married! I can't thank you enough for your service. It has truly changed my life for the better. Dan - Midnight_Soul_Keeper

  16. I found someone who is the perfect match for me! She and I are going to be not just roommates, but friends as well, and found a place we totally agreed upon! She's wonderful, and we're both thrilled - this would NOT have been possible without Roommates! Thank you for lifting a huge weight off of my shoulders! It wasn't hard at all and didn't take long - she was the 2nd person I tried and I'm still friends with the 1st - what a great site! - JMUJess

  17. Hello, was very easy to use.I have found a very nice roommate and a friend........ Thanks so much,Nessa - Nessa51

  18. Thanks for your services, is sure does save a lot of headache. To date I've both found a great place to rent and found a great roommate to rent a room through! - RealCoast

  19. Wow! This worked great, and it worked fast! I found a roommate who was compatible with my budget, demeanor and lifestyle. Thank You - Swimbear

  20. worked great and I was able to find a roommate that matched all my needs, especially the price! thanks! - Stubbs

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