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  1. Thank you so much for the help in finding a new roommate. I will recommend to anybody that needs a roommate because it's definitely the most responsive site that I've used. I really like that you notified me of new matches who came up. It took me all of 8 days to find a new roommate, who's totally awesome! Thank you very much! - Redglitter

  2. Great service! I understand why is so successful. The newspaper classifieds are useless compared to this website and how effective it is. Thank you so much! - Goldsuccess

  3. I found a roommate through your service just a few weeks after I became a member. I have met my roommate in person and I love her! We always joke that when we finally get settled in our new place we were going to write to the owner of and thank them from the bottom of our hearts! I truly appreciate this service and have beeen recommending this service to all of my friends. In fact, I told a classmate just the other day about it and she has already found and met her future roommate! Thank you again for all your help! -Danielle - Dsoccer

  4. Your service was very helpful. I used both yours and a second online service (where I had only one "hit" with someone that matched close enough to come see the room. I had a greater number of close matching respondents with and was able to in fact rent both rooms. Thank you! Gene - Wildcats

  5. I really liked the site. I saw the ad of the house I wanted and contacted the owner. I spoke with the owner agreed to a move-in date. All for 5.95 and within two hours of my initial search. Thanks!! - Brainer

  6. This site is wonderful. Here's why: I was in a rush to find a place in 2 weeks!! Through this membership, I was able to visit 5 possible places. In fact, they were each so suitable that I had trouble choosing, but i decided on the perfect one. Yay. =D - CristinaC

  7. I just wanted to give a quick thanks to and say how it made it so easy to find a new place. With your help, I founda new place to live that fit my needs and budget in no time. Thanks again! - Mosesfb

  8. Thanks,! As soon as I signed up with you I found my new roommate and within a week had signed a lease and in my new apartment. My roommate is great and I love the new place. I will definitely recommend your service to anyone I know who might be looking for a roommate. Thanks again! - Jamieleecmt

  9. I only looked for a few hours and was able to find 2 roommates to move out w/. That was very impressive. I've recommended your site to all my friends. - Vol240DL

  10. I have found two VERY AWESOME roommates from this website! I have tried to find a roommate through the newspaper but it seems that is the winner 2 for 2! - Grtplace2liv

  11. In looking for my place, I used several sources in addition to However all the places I checked out through other resources turned out, for various reasons, to be less than desirable. I ended up going with an apartment I found through With its pictures and in depth profiles, your site gave me an almost exact picture of what to expect. Thanks!! - Witfill

  12. Great site! Made it really easy to find a place to live, even 1500 miles away!Thanks!! - Gaz

  13. It has been so easy and convenient using this program. I enjoyed every aspect of my search for a new place and a new roommate. This has removed so much of the stress involved in moving in with roommates after being on my own for so long. Thank You for the opportunity! Until next time.... Jeremiah - Dallas333

  14. Found this to be a great service. I found my roommate within minutes of signing up! - Achatter

  15. This site does work!! I found a room in less than 72 hours. I had many choices to pick from and was actually surprised how nice everyone was that contacted me. The people on this site are seriously looking. Thank you for your service. It was well worth it! Kevin - KevinC

  16. I really liked the service provided for me. During my search for a roommate, I tried other roommate services online and they all dissapointed me except for So don't change a thing, yall are doing great! Thank you for helping me find my new roommate and a new friend! - Heatherhill

  17. Thanks again! I've found 3 roommates now through your site and I recommend it to everyone I know looking for a place or roommate. - SDhome

  18. Just a quick thank you - I moved to Las Vegas in September of 2003, and if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have found such great roommates. I have lived with them since I moved here, and we have all become the best of friends. Moving here has been the best experience, and I have the best roommates imaginable, all thanks to you. Keep up the good work, and I'm glad you're still online, because we're currently looking for a new roomie to add to our little family. - Edward

  19. Great site! It was a tremendouse help to me, as I don't know many people in this town and I wouldn't have known how to even begin looking for a place to live. Thank you so much! - Biologist

  20. This was my first time using this service, and I must say it worked out great! I found a roomate within 3 days!! Just wanted to say thanks! - B-Man

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