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  1. THANK YOU!!! It was so easy to send my email to every possible candidate - and I got lots of options to reply! After viewing a few places and meeting a few people, I found a great place who was looking for someone with a dog to move in =) This is the second time in six months that I have used your service and been happily surprised by how many places you have listed in my area (not 30 miles away like other sites) and how easy the site is to use. Enjoy your day, =) - Shortymama

  2. This was the third time I've used, and each roommate I've found through the service has been great. I recommend this service to everyone I know looking for a roommate, and wouldn't hesitate to use this site again in the future! - Gocats67

  3. I am very impressed with your system.  I met some nice people.  The profile section really helps people get a feel for who you are and who they are.  Thank you so much for this service. I would recommend it to either the provider or the seeker.  I found several contenders on my first login. - JePiper

  4. Thanks to this I don't have to stress about not having a roommate and dealing with school at the same time. My roommates and I are very pleased with the new roommate we found. It's going to be a good year!!! - Frush1

  5. Thanks so much!!! This was a great way to find my two new roommates!!! I was worried about having to give my home up b/c I wasn't going to be able to afford the rent all on my own, but now that I have found my roommates, I can stay living in my own home!!! Good luck to everyone else looking for a roommate! - Jo9158

  6. Thanks very much, and YES I found a perfect room with a great roommate through your website! I am going to refer your website to anyone who is looking for a place. Job well done! - Researchasst

  7. is great! I have a wonderful roommate that I met here in September and we are still living together and doing just wonderful! I have used your services to help others find roommates and it has been a great experience. Keep up the good work! - Snickers67

  8. After using this system I found a roommate and had myself moved in to a new apt within 8 1/2 hours of signing in.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Rourke

  9. I LOVE THIS SERVICE. I found a roommate in 4 days. I was looking through the paper and I just got the run around. A co-worker told me about and it was the best advice. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Julie - JValencia76

  10. Yet another great roommate to fill my position at my current apartment! I have found three different roommates here and I couldn't be happier with the service! You guys are the best in internet roommate searches! - Stargoddess

  11. Great service--I would recommend it to anyone looking for a roommate. This is the second roommate I have found through your site, and the first is now one of my closest friends. - Katemoore

  12. helped me find a roommate. I was in the difficult position of needing a place to stay only for 2.5 months and I found a place, well within my price range, within days of creating my membership. Thanks - Dmbhall

  13. This referral service is excellent! I found a great situation that suits both me and my new roommate very well. I had to find a place to live quickly and my search on made it possible to contact a number of people and places and make the best choice. I have already recommended the site, and I certainly would use it again. Thanks a million! Jessica - Allegra18

  14. Keep up the good work! Your site was very helpful and gave me plenty of possibilities. I really like the way I can pick and choose gender and sexuality with your site. That is a huge plus for me. Thank you, Tony - Tonynashburn

  15. I found a terrific roommate using your service. I must admit I did try 2 other services and the sites weren't quite as convenient or user friendly as yours not to mention the fact they were more expensive AND I was unable to find a decent roommate through those sites....Thanks again!!!! - Jxtexi

  16. I found a great roommate within a matter of days using your site. We will be moving into our new place at the end of next month! The profiles answer all the questions that matter most in this situation. The membership pricing is realistic for the service provided. The private mailing system is a great feature. If I ever need a roommate in the future, I'll be back here. Thanks! - Jecsyka

  17. Thank you for the 3 day upgrad! I am moving in this May and I can't wait. It's nice to be able to get to know a little about someone through their profile before you agree to sign a lease. Thanks again! Sincerely Nicole :) - GVSUgal1418

  18. Thank you so much for I move from one state to another for employment reasons and I have found the nicest roommate and condo to share. I couldn't have done it without this service. Thanks again. Jewells - Jewells

  19. The service is great. I was able to view a ton of people who were interested in my area, with lots of leads. After signing up for the premium membership right away, I found a roommate! For the amount I saved in rent, the membership fee was totally insignificant. - Jomont

  20. I am so pleased that I found a roommate that was very compatible in such a short time. I was thinking that it would take months and it only took a couple of weeks. Thanks so much for providing such a valuable service! - Bryan1999

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