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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

261. This was great. Thank you so much for making this website. I found the perfect place and a great roommate. Thanks again!
- Melissa
262. I LOVE YOU GUYS! I'm SOOO happy about my place, Thanks Roommates.com!
- Jennifer
263. Thank you so much for this fabulous service. I have never needed to find a place with a roommate so this was the best. I had a call in less than 12 hours after I placed my ad. I will be moving in to a perfect place with everything I ever dreamed of having in my own home. My new roommate is absolutely wonderful and we have so very much in common. This time next weekend I will be moving in to my new home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
- Lucky
264. Great site!!...found responsible roomates who are just like family!!...
- Michael
265. 'Roommates.com' does such a wonderful job matching roommates! I am so excited to be moving in with my new roommates and we are so compatible that it's not even funny.. Thank you roommates.com!
- Chris
266. Great work again....I have found three roommates at your site. All great roommates. Keep up the good work. This time I found a roommate in one week and could have rented my room several times as the interest was there.
- Mary
267. I found your service to be very direct, fast and effcient way to advertise. I found a wonderful roomate thanks to you and It only took me 2 weeks. I am very satisfied. Thank you! :)
- Mily
268. Thank you Roommates.com! You made this stressful searching less stressful! It was so easy to find a roommate that I like!
- Jennifer
269. It was so easy to find my perfect match here. I think that the investment works!!
- Mariana
270. Once again, roommates.com found me a roommate!!!!
- Ricky