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  1. Experience with was wonderful! I found not one, but two nice roommates that moved in with me last month. Thank you! - Angel

  2. This is the third time that I have used this service, and I have been very fortunate to find responsible and respectful roommates each time.  Thanks for your service. - Chris

  3. Thank you. This was so much better than putting an ad in the newspaper to find a roommate.  Very helpful to have a profile to read before you talk with someone.  It worked out great! - Barbara

  4. Great service!  Took the anxiety out of finding a place to stay.  Both I and the renter were very pleased.  I would use this site again without hesitation! - David

  5. Thanx, I found two great roommates through that I can get along with great! Lucky me, I got pleanty of calls and responses from my profile within one day of having my profile posted! Sincerely, - Liz

  6. You guys are great! Quick, easy, and fun!!!Thanks! - Aaron

  7. What a great website!  I met really nice people and being able to see pictures of places before going to see them is incredibly helpful. - Beth

  8. this is a fantastic service, i got a great roommate and a fabulous house so close to campus.  you guys are the best!!! - Justin

  9. I was searching for an apartment/roommate through newspaper classifieds and school postings without any luck. I joined for a small fee and within an hour I was talking with over 10 potential roomates. I found one and within a week of joining I was moved in and everything is great. Thank you for your great service! - Kyle

  10. Thank you so much for everything. I found a beautiful home to move into and can actually unpack my things for the first time in almost 2 years. Your service is wonderful and I will recommend it to all my friends in need of a place to live or a roommate. - Milliner

  11. Thank you for your free service. It is the only one I have used that does that it promises. I found the perfect place to stay just 2 hours after I registered. - ReconUsmc

  12. My ad was filled using Thank you so much for a wonderful website. User freindly. The service that you provided was excellent!! I am going to pass on your website to anyone that comes along that needs a roommate. The people going on line are very clean, respectful. Thank you once again for the help and support. Hillary Rose - Roseisarose

  13. Thanks for the experience on I did receive alot of matches. If I ever need to use this service again, I will not hesitate to do so.  I have referred a few of my friends to this site who indeed had some luck in finding roomates.  Thanks again Sincerely Tkali411 - Tkali411

  14. Yes, I found a very nice roommate on your website. It was well structured with many good services. I would recommend it to anyone and say that it was well worth the money. - Townhouse4u

  15. This site has really helped ease the pressure of seeking out a new place to rest. Everyone I have talked with and met has made this an enjoyable experience. The hardest part was deciding where to move.  I would recommend this site to anyone either needing a roommate, or seeking a new home!!! - Waterwngridr

  16. I really liked using I found a roommate within two days of posting my file. I think this is a great way to find someone to move in with or just be friends. - Tabby

  17. This service is wonderful! I met two perfect roommates from just one visit. It was the easiest and best service. I'm recommending it to everyone. Thanks for making my life easier! - K13k

  18. The listings were great. I found a place within two days! Thanks so much for such a great resource. I'll be back here to fill my future roommate needs. - Goober0709

  19. I have found the ideal roommate through your services and am extremely grateful for your help in finding a roommate. I can say that you were BY FAR the best roommate website service of all of the other ones I checked out. You, by far, excel in the area of helping people find wonderful matches, compared to other website roommate services. There really is no comparison to the other four services I checked out. There simply is NO comparison, and you should take pride in your efforts and work. No other service even paid attention to preferences, such as age. Thank you, again, very much, for your help, for I did indeed find the ideal roommate, and we are so similar, thanks to your efforts in matching preferences. I actually never dreamed of ever finding a roommate who is so similar to myself. It is as if we were meant to find each other. Sincerely, Kerri - KerriL35

  20. Great service! Met a fabulous person moving to my area that I would not have met otherwise. Match made in heaven. Thank you! I will definitely use this service in the future if I need a roommate again. - Ann4ferrets

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