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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

271. Thank you very much... You were the best thing that happen to me since I've moved from Orlando... Thank you very much
- Remerson
272. Thanks. Moving to a new city, not knowing anyone and having to look for a place was scary. Roommates.com really helped out. Thanks.
- Rosie
273. I loved the responses and I will definately use Roommates.com next time I need roomies - I even told my sister and she's on your site now and found a great match!
- Cheryl
274. I found the best roommate I could ever hope for on the very first match! Done ! Great service!
- Dale
275. This was a great service for me. I found the nicest lady to live with. I will certainly use you again in the future. Thanks for everything!!!
- Robin
276. You guys are great!!! This site is a wonderful site. Thank you for your services
- Nicholas
277. I found a roommate within a week of using the service. I am completely satisfied with Roommates.com
- Jon
278. I enjoyed using your site. It was efficient, easy to use, and extremely effective in finding my new roommate!
- David
279. Roommates.com I'm so thankful to have found a roommate here at your site. I found the summer house I will be living in but I could not find a roommate at this other website I was at. I kept getting emails from females in the UK and they all sent alot of similar messages. It was kind of sketchy so I came to post here at your site for a roommate and literally that night I found her. Thank God because I dont know how else I wouldve found a roomy. Especially for her and I to actually have alot in common and being from opposite ends of the country...i'm very happy! Thanks,
- Kelli
280. Roommates.com worked out better than I expected, especially since i had never used this kind of a website before. This is going to sound cheesy, but my boyfriend and I couldn't have imagined things working out so well! I bought a three day membership, and after two days got a message from a couple who were living right by the college and who had a room open for a price we never thought we'd get. We have been talking about moving out for so long, and thanks to your website, we're getting to do that. We had almost given up hope of affording anything in a better area, and we're moving in on Thursday! Thanks again!
- Megan