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  1. I flew in to Denver this week and had a whole list of people and places to check out thanks to your site. The pictures and Power Search feature made it super easy to find exactly what I was looking for. I found a roommate and will be moving out there next week thanks to you guys. I will recommend to my friends and family too! Thanks again! --Phil H. - Flipside_11

  2. Thank you for this great resource. It saved me the hassle of looking through newspaper ads and dealing with people I know nothing about. I've found a great deal in a great area, with a person that is going to be very pleasant to live with. Thank you so much! - Bolis07

  3. A nice way to meet potential roommates! I went through newspaper ads and local college off campus housing ads, but nothing matched quite like the roommate I found through People helping out people and making friends in the process. Thanks so much for this great tool. Katie - Alighteve

  4. I chose the 3 day upgrade, and within 1 hour I had found my new roommate! This is a fantastic site with real people. If you're looking for a roommate then is the only place to go. Fantastic job! - Jim

  5. This program is fantastic. I added my profile about a week ago and the next day I had a reply. Needless to say I took the room that was offered (which is fantastic). You rock Thank you so much for you help. Patrick - BrownShuga

  6. This was a great way to narrow down the roommate search and find a nice, inexpensive place to live. I would definitely recommend this website to someone looking for a room, house or apartment to rent or fill with a roommate! - LGoddess

  7. This was a great service, the first roommate I met with I instantly clicked with and I didn't have to spend hours pouring through classifieds. It made my move a lot less stressful!!!!!!!!! - Gymdiva

  8. I found a valuable resource in my roommate search. I would recommend to those I know who need a roommate. I prefer this website/service over others I have tried and I think it's a far better method of seeking a roommate than the local newspaper or college bulletin boards... -- Thanks, Zak - Zakpierce

  9. This service helped my roommate and I find another roommate for our three bedroom apartment very quickly. I was a member for under two weeks, and we just moved our third roommate in 3 days ago. - SkylarNJess

  10. Thanks a lot! Your website was the easiest I found because it was so comprehensive! I'll definitely use you in the future! - JamieK23

  11. Found TWO great roommates through your service. I was also impressed by how easy it was to use, and when I did have a question, your Customer Service response was immediate and friendly. I will recommend your service to other people looking for a roomie - SSeybolt

  12. Wow! Quick, effective and worth every penny! I will always keep this site in reference for myself, friends and co-workers. -Hollywood- - Hollywood76

  13. Thank you for your services. I found this to be so much easier then going through my local paper. I found both of my roommates from here in less than a weeks time. I will be sure to use this service again if needed. My roommates are great and I could not have asked for better people to share my home with. Thanks - Gracie77

  14. is easy to use, cost-effective and within two weeks I found two fantastic roommates. It's a great service. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to share a home or apartment. I'll gladly use it again in the future! -- MaryLynn - LVLiving

  15. I appreciate your website, it did much more for me than personal advertising and the newspaper combined! I'll definitely recommend to anyone looking for, or renting a room. -Jason - JayMills

  16. Not only did I find a roommate, I'm in with a couple of guys that I can hang out with! Only through a great service like could I have been put in contact with such a wide variety of roommates so I could get such a great matchup! Thanks! - Torque

  17. So thankful to your service. I found a roommate that is going to be smashing! She has very similar interests, a beautiful location and home and I appreciate this service as it guided me to find her quite easily. Thanks!! YOU ROCK - TEG

  18. Thanks for the site. It was a great place for me to find a roommate. I tried other sites and they just weren't the same. I found an awesome roommate and he and I get along great. Thanks again. Jeremiah - Fortmiah

  19. I signed up with and the same day I got a call from someone wanting to know if i could come see the place. I did and moved in the same day. Thank You You saved me alot of trouble and alot of money. - Newsjunkie02

  20. has enabled me to find not only a roommate but my soulmate.  I posted an ad on two years ago, and received a response from Adam who had a room for rent in Phoenix.  After we were roommates, and friends for a while, we fell in love, and began dating.  Now, we are getting married.  I never expected that something like this would happen, when all I was looking for was a roommate.  Now when people ask us how we met, we say, "on!" - Aa7da

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