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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

281. Thank you for your services. It was soo easy. I received many emails and phone calls. Some people even came to look at the room. But in the end the very first email i received is the person i went with. Thanks again
- Kari
282. Roommates.com introduced me to several people who were interested in my house...so i had the comfort in choosing the person that i wanted. I want to thank Roommates.com for finding my roommate.
- Christopher
283. I was amazed at how well this service worked for me. I created an account on Sunday and by Tuesday I was making arrangements to move in with my new roomate. Obviously it is all dependent on who is out there looking, but it was a fantastic expierance for me. I'm glad that I found Roomates.com!
- Dep
284. I used this service and found an excellent roommate within 2 days! I was surprised and delighted. I cannot thank you enough for saving me so much time and effort. I had been looking for a roommate for months and was unable to find one through the usual methods. My new roommate is a wonderful person and I am very excited to be able to move in with her. I have saved a lot of money too since I do not have to get my own apartment, which would cost twice as much as living with a roommate. Now I can save money for my retirement. Thank-you!
- Marybeth
285. I found a wonderful roommate and a beautiful home to share with her. Thank you so much for your service. Your referral service really benefits people and the price is well worth it. Roommates.com has made my New Year happy!!!! Thanks so much!!!!
- Debbie
286. Thank you. Your service was amazingly helpful and I found a place to live within 1 week of signing on with Roommates.com. I can't thank you enough!
- Zachary
287. Thank you so much, I found a roommate threw here and we are moving into a place next month. She is just like me!! Thanks so much!!!
- Elizabeth
288. Thank you very much for helping me out!! I love roommates.com!!! :))
- Dmitry
289. It was great, roommates.com helped me find a roommate within days of logging on. I would recommend this site to anyone in search of a very good roommate. Thank you.
- Nicole
290. Thanks. Easily worth the money spent. Spent at least 40 times more on newspaper ads, which yielded no solid candidates.
- Martin