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291. roomates.com has connected me with an awesome roommate for the second time. you guys rock! thank you roommates.com
- Maria
292. Thank you so much!!!! I found a roommate in less than 24 hours which allowed me to submit my resignation and move to Texas the end of this month. I've planned this for a long time and your service pulled it all together for me. Now that I have a place to live I can accept a job offer I received today. Your website is awesome and very affordable. I cannot express my gratitude enough!!!
- Wanda
293. Through your service, I found an ideal roommate situation. I was moving to LA from across the country, so I really had no option but to use an internet service. I couldn't be more pleased with the result.
- Ryan
294. I was moving to Kansas City and needed to find a roommate in 12 days! Luckily, I found this site and instantly had matches and offers from people. Everyone is really nice and are here for the same reasons, which makes things easy. I found a great roommate in a great location and the rest is history. Thanks Roommates.com!
- Cale
295. I just moved to Hawaii and was down to my last few days to find a place. Signed up for an account with roommates.com and put up my profile... the next afternoon I get a call from someone who had found me on the site, and we ended up being a perfect match. Within 7 hours I was moving in, and now I couldn't be happier. Thanks Roommates.com!
- Chris
296. Roommates.com is a very useful site, I will definately recommend to anyone. I appreciate all the assistance.
- Judith
297. Once again roommates.com came through for me. I found a good roommate for the next few months.I espcially appreciate how roommates.com warns everyone about scams involving fake cashiers checks espcially from overseas. I feel safer knowing that not only do I find good people,but roommates.com looks out for my safety as well.
- Lambert
298. Dear Roommates, I just found a female roommate with great thanks to your very helpful dot com!! Her name is Lisa and she's a wonderful person!! She will be moving in on the 1st of November and I owe your dot com that greatest thank you for your services and for all of your help!! You truly do have a great website that "Really does work"!! I can't thank you enough!!
- Paul
299. Your service worked GREAT !! Found a Roommate within a few days. Thanks !!
- Melltur
300. Your website was wonderful. I found a roommate within a week or two of registering. Convenient and accurate, this site is definitely worth the research and time. Thank You.
- Xao