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  9. You guys have been a lot of help! I had so many responses which really generated a very diverse crowd in which I could pick and choose. Thanks for all the help. Brittney - Brittle35

  10. I've used your service and have always been satisfied. I like the fact that on your site you don't just have information about the room, but give the person the opportunity to share information about themselves so they are more likely to find a better match. Thanks for your help once again. - Snow101

  11. I've been living with my roommates for 2 weeks now. I couldn't be happier with my experience using Because of I was able to view the property and the roommates, find all the essentials, etc. and feel comfortable with my cross country move. I will definitely continue to use the site should I move again and would certainly recommend the site. Thanks a bunch. - Mcdunlap

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  16. Your service worked out really well for me. I especially appreciated the emailing service on the website which quickened the pace and helped me find a place before classes started. Thanks a lot! - Jimma

  17. This has been a great service. I found a new roommate in just one week. This is a very easy way to interview people. Will come back when I need another. Thanks Debby - Debby59

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  19. Well you have done it again! What a great service and I will undoubtedly use it again to find another excellent roommate. All the other services pale in comparison. Not only is the quality of people who use your service top-tier, your administrative efficiency is top-tier! Keep up the good work and consider me a customer for life! - Ariel

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