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  1. I think this is a great website and it's been very helpful in my search for a roommmate. My new roommate is a great friend and if she didn't rent the room my next choice would've been another user. Thanks and keep up the good work! - GolfGirl1894

  2. I have had a great experience in finding a roommate. I found a match that not only has similar interests but will be attending my college and getting the same degree. In addition, she is from my home town, went to the same schools and we even have friends in common. I'm so satisfied with your service. Thanks! - Anayancy

  3. Thank you! I was looking for a roommate and needed one fast. Within 48 hours I had responses, and 24 hours later I was planning my move! I would HIGHLY recommend the service to my friends and anyone in the future. Danny - Dinkydan

  4. is without a doubt the best and should be the only way to find a roomate. It was eay to sign up, inexpensive, and just plain easy. I had 2 days to find a roomate and move to my new residence, and it only took me a single evening. I cant say thank you enough, CJ - CJG25

  5. Just wanted to say "Thanks"!! I am moving to Massachusetts from New York next month to attend Northeastern University in Boston and through your service I found a great apartment in North Allston, which is only about a 10 minute drive from campus. The roommates (2 guys and another girl) are great and even though I haven't even moved in yet, I've made the trip up to hang out with them already! They are great people and again, I just wanted to say thanks. - Kar82

  6. Great website. I really appreciate the accessibility and the availability of its members. I am happy to report that I found a roommate! If I ever need a roommate or decide to move again, I will be back for your service. Thanks again - Kortni

  7. Once again has worked out beautifully. This is the 3rd time I've used this service and will use it again if necessary. Thanks! - RDitch

  8. I ended up finding a great roommate through your service. In fact, we went to the same college and were even sorority sisters! I wouldn't have found her if it hadn't been for Thanks! - Portia - PBZ

  9. Thanks so much!! I landed an awesome roomie w/in 3 days of posting a listing. This service really does work. midtowngirl - Midtowngirl

  10. I really love this site. I've always spent a lot of time making up a flyer and posting it at all of the colleges. Now I have so many responses that I don't have time to call everyone back! This is a great place to find a roommate! I have had luck on 3 different occasions! Thanks you! Heather - Heather1

  11. Thank you! The service worked awesome. I have had alot of responses, and found the person I am going to rent to. I will definately use your service again in the future and recommend it to anyone I know looking for an apartment or to rent! I especially love being able to read the information about each potential candidate. It really helped to find the right person! Thanks again.. Karen "WestAnnArbor" - Karen

  12. I found the perfect roommate. I love your service. It's so much better than placing an ad in the paper because you can get an idea of what the person is like. If I need another roommate in the future, I'll definately use your service. Thank you! Kim - K1mz7atYaho

  13. I have only been a member for under a week and I have found the PERFECT roommate and we are completely thrilled! I am transfering from the Pittsburgh area to the Philadelphia area so making moving arrangements has been terribly stressful. This site has helped reduce the anxiety that comes with moving cross state! THANK YOU!!! Again hats off from two very pleased customers! MadMumbler and kamakaze. Sincerely, Bethany - Bethany

  14. This was a great service! I really appreciated it. There was a larger pool of people here than on other services and I found a person for my place!! Thanks. - Crzycat3

  15. You guys are the best! I put a profile up with my needs and someone emailed me the same day...we're gonna make the move. 1st person, 1st choice. My roomie is coming from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. This is progress. Thanx Carlos - Kamakaze

  16. was a big help in finding me a roommate. It was easy and I found a place in about a week. Thanks *smile* - Sasa545

  17. I am the upmost pleased with the results of Unfortunately, I hadn't known about the website for ahwile and paid a very high price of running an ad in the local newspaper with very little response. Through this website, I did have many wonderful individuals interested in what I was offering for rent. I accepted a very nice applicant within the second day of setting up a profile. In the future, I will always use Roomates.Com! Thank you every so much: Sherri - Shercv

  18. I was very impressed by the amount and quality of responses, versus my experience with classified ads, where I was unable to screen my respondents, which was frustrating. I've been recommending to all my friends. Thanks so much! - Summerjax

  19. I was able to find a great roommate quickly through In fact, I was able to spend HALF of what I expected on rent, and found a flexible arrangement that works well for my situation. I would be much more stressed about my living arrangements if it wasn't for you! - CBainbridge

  20. I thank this website for finally helping me find a roommate. The prospects from this site seem to be nice and very professional people. Thank you! - Arceli

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