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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

351. I've used this service twice, and both times it has worked very well for me. I found roommates in both cases within 2 weeks of posting my ad. This is a wonderful site for people to connect. Thank you!!!
- Caron
352. Thanks this was a helpful site with a lot of good personalities on this site. Please keep this service running for the future because I am in college and I don't know what I will be doing one semester to the next! Thank you!
- Matthew
353. Through your service I was able to locate a very good living situation. I want to thank you for the service I received otherwise I would never have been able to so quickly find such a good situation.
- Joey
354. Thanks so much! I'm here in Austin and love my roommates (and my apartment)! I'm very grateful for Roommates.com and the opportunity it gives people moving to a new place. I'll spread the word :)
- Jenny
355. Thank you for your service! Through it, I found exactly what I was looking for, a great roommate in a wonderful part of the city. Thanks again, I will recommend you to any friend looking for a roommate.
- Lindsay
356. I had an interview and got a job in the area and was only in town for one day...I used your service and found a roommate by the end of the day!!!!
- Amanda
357. This is my third time finding a roommate on roommates.com, what a great experience! I have always gone into the roommate situation with the simple attitude that I would make it a good thing and it has been. Thanks,
- Steven
358. WOW! I found a roommate within 24 hrs.! This service was well worth the 3 day price. I could not be more pleased with my new roommate.
- Marsha
359. This was the absolutely best site that I used to find a roommate. I now live with three wonderful ladies in a great row house in a TERRIFIC location. Thank you.
- Vanessa
360. Roommate.com worked like a charm for me! Thanks.
- Dana