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361. This is an awesome site and found a roommate within a week! Thank you!
- Marianna
362. I now have a roommate, thanks to room mates.com. Thanks Alot, it was quick and easy... no hassel.
- Christopher
363. This site was a great tool in helping me relocate from Florda to Ohio it was a great investment. I will be back in 9 months to use it again when this lease is up. ***** stars
- James
364. I have found my match. I thank roommates.com for making this a pleasent experience for me. I would tell anyone to use this website. Thanks again.
- Edward
365. Thank you roomates.com! I found the perfect roomate through this website and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a roomate.
- Evan
366. thanks roommates.com ....i found a roomate within one hour of making a profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Elizabeth
367. thank you so much!! I had signed on with several services but it was Roommates.com that came thru; it was a perfect match and I have your service to thank !!! I truely couldn't have done it without you. warmest regards,
- Stefanie
368. I also had a good experience with this website. I am not usually one to jump on board these kinds of things, but desperate times call for desperate measures. In the end I ended up finding someone who find the standard I was looking for completely! Thanks for making it possible.
- Katie
369. Thank You ,I found a roommate in know time at all. no endless news papers ,no driving looking for signs. all I had to do was log on.thanks again Tc.
- Thomas
370. In Fall of 2004, I was living in Alabama and considering relocating to Nashville to pursue songwriting. I signed up with Roommates.com I found a potential roommate who I really liked. When we first actually met, it was during a trip my mother and I had made to Nashville for a job interview of mine. I had made arrangemnets to meet him, since my mother and I were going to be in town anyway. My mother and I both liked him from the moment we met him. The feeling must have been mutual! At the end of October, he drove down to Alabama to make sure my car would be okay for the long drive (he's a mechanic). I moved to Nashville November 9th, and on March 9th, during a trip we made to San Antonio, TX...HE PROPOSED! Now, because of Roommates.com, we have a wedding date set for March 25, 2006. Because of Roommates.com, we have both found our life partners. Roommates.com doesn't just help us find Roommates... it helps us find true love! Thank You!!! Jana & Chris
- Granite