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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

371. I found a great place to live within two weeks of joining your service. This type of situation can take a lot of time and be very stressful. I never felt that way at all, actually it was more like a unique new adventure. The other amazing thing was that I made friends along the way and felt very safe. I will use this service again and tell all my friends about it. Charlotte
- Charlotte
372. Hello!! I just wanted to say, THIS SERVICE IS OUTSTANDING!! I posted our room for rent, and unbelievably, on the first day I got several emails. By the evening, we had found our new roommate, and it's been a great match. Thanks! Sara
- Sara
373. Roommates.com worked perfectly for me. I would easily recommend it to anyone as the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to find your right match for a roommate. My roommate couldn't be more exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much! -Mark
- Markt
374. Roommates.com is excellent! I found a roommate the first day that I put my profile up on the site. Even after I found my roommate, lots of other great people emailed me saying that they were very interested in the house. I am extremely satisfied with the service that is provided, and I will recommend this service to others, as well as use it again myself when I need it! Thanks everyone!
- LifeIsSoGood
375. This is an amazing service. I was feeling lost and hopeless because my 15 year relationship was suddenly over, and I needed a new home NOW! Amazingly, the service that Roommates.com provides has helped me find the perfect living situation. The next phase of my life is beginning with sure footing and the perfect roof over my head! Thanks Roommates.com!
- JustG
376. I was very reluctant at first, I have never lived with someone I didn't know. I found a roommate within 3 days and I am very happy. It was quick, simple, and a great way to find a roommate. I was moving 500 miles away and didn't know where to begin. Without Roommates.com, I don't know how I would have found a nice person to live with. Thank you.
- Stacey
377. I was looking for a place and like a moron, I only gave myself 2 weeks before my lease was up. Roomates.com was PERFECT! I setup my account, setup a profile, and within a few days a bunch of people had contacted me about checking out thier place. I ended up finding an AMAZING place with everything I was looking for. Plus it was much closer to work that my previous place was. ROOMATES.COM THANK YOU!
- Jpiatt
378. This service was great. I found my roomate the first day registered on here.
- Msims
379. Thanks very much, I can't tell you how helpful your site was even through the trial membership.
- Verklompen
380. It was an excellent service!!! I have reccommend it other people!!!! I will use it again when I am movin' next time!!!
- Stu