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  1. I just wanted to say that your website is great. The same day I joined, I received several e-mails and now I am living with great people. Thank you so much. Your website is great and it does work. - Robert

  2. This is the 2nd time I have used this service to find a place. It has been great so far! My first roomie was absolutely amazing and we got along great! The 2nd time is also working out well so far and it's only been 1 month. This site is very helpful! - JWinters

  3. It was quick and easy. I looked all over the internet for a roommate site and this was by far the best. Don't waste time looking on other sites. Within days I had 10 places to look at and five offers. Thanks! Steve - Steveadler

  4. This service was excellent. Within one to two days of getting on here, I found a roommate whose townhome I will be sharing. My move in date is today, October 19th. Outstanding! Thank you very much. - Buffalogal

  5. What a great service! Everyone I met and spoke with was truly quality, and it was great to have so many choices -- and the right tools to search through them. Thanks for a great experience! - SaraZwrites

  6. You are a huge help and I want to thank you for everything. I will be moving again and you better believe that I will be once again signing up at - Nrhyde

  7. Thanks - this worked great! I found a great roommate and a great place - I will suggest you to anyone who needs a roommate and I will use you again if I ever need one again. Thank you so much.. Wendy - Wendylee

  8. This is the first time I've used an internet service to find a roommate. was very efficient and effective and I would recommend it to anyone in search of a roommate. - Cindyblue65

  9. Great site! I have signed up with several other roommate type sites with no luck. Thru I was meeting with people and looking at potential places to call home in the first day. In three days I found my new place to live and very cool roommates, a perfect match! Wayne - Wlabrecque

  10. As always, I have had a great experience with Living in Key West, people come and go and I've had the good fortune of filling a roommate space in my home with good people from the site. Will probably be using you again in another six months or so! K.C. - Keywestkc

  11. The first person I found was a GREAT match. Following this I got many other calls as well.From the time we e-mailed to the day she moved in was 5 days. We hit it off and it worked out great. This was one fantastic service. If I need a roommate again I will come running. NOTHING panned out from family and friends, but through this service I found a FANTASTIC roomate! - JuhGail

  12. Thank you. This is the second time I have successfully found a roommate on your site. The first time was a move within the city and this time it's a couple thousand miles away. I have been on other roommate sites but this one is the best by far. Easy to use, prices are reasonable, and lots of members. I will defenitely use it again if need be in the future. Genevieve - Gg2374

  13. I met someone on this service and I am more than satisfied. Even though I am currently living in Australia, it is because of this website that I will have a place to live when I come back to the States, and I will have an amazing roommate who shares common interests, goals, and sense of being. Thanks!!! - Hpcowgirl

  14. Great service! Highly user-friendly site at an affordable price! I ended up finding the perfect roommate through Thanks! - Criddick

  15. I found a wonderful roommate. Thank you. I was in need of one because someone had backed out on me at the last minute. Within days of signing up I found a roommate and she's the best. Within 2 days she moved in and now she's a really good friend. Thanks! ~ Sara, San Diego, CA - Charlize21

  16. THANK YOU!! I was transfered to LA from San Diego & was able to find a wonderful room to rent within 2-3 weeks with your help. And it is FREE!!!! I will and have recommend this site to anyone i know looking for a room to rent or rent out! SDQT - Sdqt

  17. Thank you so much. Your site is the best one I've seen and I found two great roommates. I just wanted to thank you and I'll definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for or renting out a room. - NubianOne

  18. Dear ca.roommates team, your web site is gorgeous (great usability, interface, site concept, and content) and I have been able to find a roommate quite easily through your service. My recommendation: do not change anything at all! Kind regards, Andrea - Anderle

  19. I found a perfect match. Thanks for the posting. It took me no time to do so and because of the way the website's set up, I knew it was a perfect match before he walked in the door. With your help, I had an idea of him prior to the interview. Your site is so easy to navigate and I could not find any flaws nor complaints nor additional comments for improvements but carry on. Thanks! - Gemario

  20. Excellent service - I found a fabulous roomate in just about five minutes! I have been living there for a few weeks now and am very pleased with the situation. I highly recommend your site and will definitely use it again if needed! - Sarap71

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