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401. This site is amazing! I signed up and found 2 wonderful roommates in less than a week. I would be stuck at my substandard apartment if it was not for this site. Now we are living in a beautiful townhome and I am actually saving money! Thank you! : )
- Kteadoll
402. This site was great! I found a great roommate and a great room within a few days of posting my profile!
- Amanda
403. A great service and a nice way to meet people with similar interests. Would use again. Thanks!
- Sorelle
404. This service is wonderful. I found a sweet place in the area I wanted, for the price I wanted, with great people. Enough said.
- Greekboy
405. Just wanted to say that this was the best thing I could have done! I joined last week, found a perfect match, we met today, and we move into our new condo in 2 weeks. I was so pleased with my findings. This is the perfect site!!! Thank you again, Jen
- Jeanette
406. I found a great roommate in 4 days through Roommates.com. I can't believe how easy it was, and that I met such a normal, cool person. Thanks! :) ~ Karla
- KarlaF
407. Thank You very much for your site. I have located a roommate and we seem to have hit it off very well. Everything happened quicker than I could have ever expected. Thanks so much!
- WindWatcher
408. This service was such a great idea.. My roommate and I moved in together last week after meeting through your site over a month ago. Things are great, we're already great friends and I couldn't ask for a better roommie. Thanks!!
- Bigred
409. Roommates.com made my life a lot easier! I was able to find a GREAT match. I am very satisfied with the results. -Ilana
- Ilana
410. I really love this website. I found several people I was willing to room with. Thank you for providing this wonderful service; without it I would've wasted time and been in an awkward position.
- Miked