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  1. I must say that I was impressed as to the speed of your service. I was only on for less than a week and have found a great place to live. Thank you very much. I also must add that your service is highly user friendly, and very specific for my needs. Katherine Joiner - Katherine13

  2. Listen to this, prospective renters: I was a member for the site for no longer than 15 seconds, and-no joke- the instant my $5.99 trial membership was set up,  a perfect match popped up on the screen. That same night both of us were made happy in our roommate search. I had the place I was looking for, They had the peace of mind of knowing the search for a roommate was accomplished. was the best money I've ever spent. - RSparks79

  3. I highly recommend this service for people to find exactly what their looking for in a roommate. I was trying newspapers, the pennysaver, and you just don't know what your getting into until you actually get there. This is a very helpful and resourceful tool. You know exactly what you want and you find your matches, your aware of the environment and the household. Thanks for helping me find the perfect place! Happy Customer - Dennielle

  4. I thought this website was wonderful. I have found a roomate, and I am moving to Hawaii in one week. Finding someone on this website is going to make me have a life changing expeirence. I recommend this service to everyone. Thanks!! Laura - Talls

  5. I absolutely love this service! I will definitely pass it on to friends and family. Thank you so much for all the potential roommates you supply right at peoples fingertips... I would use this service again in the future. Thank you, Lori Zarecki - LoriZ4

  6. This site is AWESOME! I love it. is great, you guys helped me find a place where I wanted to move and it looks like things will go well. When I need to move again, I'll be coming back to for sure! THANKS! - AaronVegas

  7. Hello, I have found a couple of roomies from the website. I am very happy that I chose to use the service it was very prompt and actually fun. Through this service it was made easy and completely thorough with the E updates and complete profiles. Thank you for having a Wonderful service to fit the needs of someone in need, Greg Wasendorf - Waze

  8. Hey you guys did a wonderful job! I found a room-mate and plan to move within the month. I needed to find a place to live because I am moving from Missouri to Minnesota and you guys definately did that for me! Thanks so much! Ashley - Rayasunshyn

  9. When I signed up for the service, there was already 3 good matches. Within a week, I called two and interviewed with them, and picked one...everything is going well, moved in 2 days ago! Thanks,! It was money well spent. - JoeBob

  10. Hi there, just wanted to say that I have now found 2 roommates through! One of which I lived with for over 2 years until she got married :-) And I was in the wedding! Now I have another gal moving in and I just know it's going to be a WONDERFUL experience...Just thought I would share that this has been a great service and I would recommend it to anyone, it's definitely worth the $ !!! Thanks so much! Sincerely, Crystal E. Garrett - Snshine686

  11. Thank you for providing such a great service! I loved and I will definately use it again the next time I am in search of a room. Your service was very helpful, easy to use, and I was very satisfied using it. - Rooter482

  12. is unbeatable! You can sort through profiles to get a feel for people and spaces available before making any contact ... sure beats dialing random numbers listed in the classifieds! Thank you! -Kari - Kjarde

  13. Very good website, lots of contacts. It's alot better than the newspaper or other services. I had several possible places on I will certainly come back here the next time I need a place to live. - Apt_search

  14. Thanks for the service. The very day I signed up for I found a roommate who offered a great rent price in an area that was very central to everything I am involved in. Thank you so much. - Unkhurdler

  15. Thanks you for your services. I used this the first time when I moved for employment to a city where I knew no one. I became good friends with him and we still hang out all the time. Ive since then purchased my own home and used your service to find reliable roommates to help with the mortgage. THANK YOU!!! - Ellis

  16. This is the first time that I have ever used a system like this to find a roommate. It is a wonderful system for finding roommates. Thanks for the reality check. It was worth checking out the areas, type of home, and prices that are available in sharing a room. If anyone is looking for a roomate, I will definitely have them to use your services. There is this one stop shopping attitude and fun at the same time. Thanks again. Sandra - Guido-belle

  17. Thanks a bunch! This is my second roommate I found on My first roommate and I lived together for 2 years and became the best of friends. She recently moved to NYC for work. I found a great roommate again using your service! Melissa - MisAnne

  18. Great service. Your site made the whole looking, interviewing and picking of a potiential roommate STRESS FREE!! Thank you for the service. - Fanon

  19. I found two great roommates because of your service in about three weeks. I have been looking for over nine months through other ads and avenues. What a relief! - Brenda

  20. I wanted to thank you for helping me find a roommate. I had a week until I started my new job and within a day of posting my ad I had several offers. I was able to find a roommate and move in before my first day of work. Thanks so much! - Hockeychix8

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