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  1. Within a week of presenting my profile on, i recieved numerous reponses, all from people that were totally compatable with me and my situation. These many responses enabled me to narrow my search to chose the perfect roomate. I would definitely recommend using in either finding a room or to renting a room, as it has been the best roommate-finding service i have ever encountered. Thanks for everything. - Nikesoccer

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  3. Thank you so very much for providing this service. I had really been doing everything possible to locate a roomie. A friend suggested this site to me and in no time at all I found someone compatable with everything that I was looking for in a roomie. Thanks again! Maile Kim - Uncw_chick

  4. I can't begin to explain how grateful we are for this service. We had a roommate that had to leave unexpected, and we had to find a roommate in 2 weeks time, and thanks to were able to find multiple people that would work out. We not only found a roommate, but were able to choose from those that we thought would best fit our lifestyle. Thanks for this service, and it's good to know we have a way to find a roommate in the future if the need arises. Nathan Heinz - Nabob

  5. This service is very user friendly, has alot of options, and I can feel confident that the matches provided are the right ones for me. Other roommate websites are very hard to use and not user friendly at all. Thanks! - Americanpoet

  6. This site was wonderful!!! I found a GREAT roommate quickly. This service has benifited us all tremendously. I will ALWAYS use in the future if I need this service! - JeanaDerick

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  9. Yaye, I found two fabulous girls and a great place and perfect timing! Thank you ! I will be back if i need a roommate to friends and refer you to friends in need :) - CaliGirl80

  10. Thank you! I found thay after having to look for a roomate in more than 4 years things have changed. I got no response from newspaper ads and turned to the internet where I found you. Your service was easy to use and I got several responses. I will definately use your service again. - Norka

  11. Thank you so much! I found a roommate from your site and he's great. It's working out so good: we have a lot in common. I spoke to quite a few others who seemed like a good fit before getting an e-mail from him and now walah! he's my roommate! Thanks again! - Lillian

  12. has been great, I found my roommate within 24 hours and it looks like things are gonna be really cool for the next year! Thanks! - PanamaJack

  13. Thanks for having such a great site! For the second time I have found a roommate through your site in a short period of time. It is really nice to have matches that want to live in my town, instead of wasting my time with people who don't. Thanks again. Pat - 1TrishM

  14. I found the perfect roommate on this site. She doesn't smoke, is very clean, loves cats, and was in the military like me. I would never have been able to find a roommate like her unless I joined - CHERI23

  15. The service was very good. This was the first time I had ever used a service like this and I'm really pleased with the responses I got. I actually found a roommate the first day I was looking - which was great because I didn't have a lot of time to look. Krys P.S. the service was really easy to use too. - Krys

  16. was great. It only took me two days to find the perfect situation I was looking for. Great rental amount and great people. I was in a really bad situation and you guys saved me!!! Thanks - Leka

  17. For the past few years I have used to find compatible roommates. It was a great and inexpensive way to view and contact suitable candidates. Thanks! - CondoAtNCSU

  18. was terrific! I found a place to live and it's wonderful! It couldn't have been any easier. Good luck everyone! - Ellers28

  19. Thank you so much. Finding a roommate was very fast and easy. It took only 1 week to find a roommate. I will email my friends and tell them about this wonderful service you offer. You pay just a little bit to get a hassle free service. It saved me hours and hours of searching ads and waiting for people to contact me back. Thank you once again. - Trcpink1

  20. I love your website and your service!!! It's well-organized and very effective. I'll seek your services and nobody else's at a later date when I am looking for a roommate again. - DrewB12345

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