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421. It was great! I love this website!!! I've found great roommates on here both times that I have moved. It's so fast and easy to use! I highly recommend this website to anyone searching for a great roommate and friend.
- Erbear
422. This site was SOOOO helpful! I found a fun group of people to live with! It is easy to understand and navigate. Thanks so much for your help! What a useful tool!
- Riser
423. I think this is the most reliable service anyone could ever use to find a great roommate. This is my second time finding someone and it's never stressful if I suddenly need someone to move in- all I have to do is join Roommates.com. I tell everyone about this service and you should too!! Thanks Again... :) Sofia
- SofiaS
424. It is amazing how fast and easy it was to find a roommate through roommates.com! It took me only a week to find a roommate in L.A. The service of roommates.com was even more helpful to me as I am from Germany, and didn't really know where to start my search for a roommate. Thank you!
- German
425. Thank You very much Roomates.com I have found a roomate and should be moving in in the next couple of weeks. Your service was fantastic and very broad.
- New
426. Great service! I will definitely recommend this service to anyone I know that could benefit from it. If I'm ever in need again, I will be back! Thanks Roommates.com! :)
427. Love this service!! Within days I got tons of emails from great potential roommates. I had a lot more success with Roommates.com than with other, more expensive services. Thanks!
- AbbyPSU
428. Thank you so much! After meeting a few prospective roommates, I found one that is a perfect match. We get along splendidly. I am very satisfied with the level of service and how quickly and inexpensively the whole process proceeded. Thanks! -Stephanie
- Sp
429. This is an excellent service. Within a couple days, I had seven different places to visit, and after checking them out, three of those were places that I was really excited about moving in to. It was great to have muliple places to choose from, and I'm moving in to the place that I chose tomorrow. Thanks Roommates.com -Joseph
- Fredsmith
430. This service did exactly what it promised, I found a great person to live with. The 3-day memeber ship was just what I needed nothing less nothing more. Thanks Roommates.com!
- Pjeanne