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  1. I completely appreciate your service. It worked for me, it's worked for my friends-- THANK YOU! I will forever recommend this website. - Carrielizcof

  2. I have found two roomates so far from this site. Almost everyone who I have met through this site, even those who did not end up being roomates, were very good and trustworthy people. This site worked for me! - Mparsons

  3. Thank you for helping me out. Your site was very userfriendly, far more so than the others out there. Keep up the great work. - Desertfx41

  4. Excellent service with tons of necessary options. Thank you for helping me find a great place in an unbelievable area of Texas with a wonderful person. Best of luck to all seekers! - Ly25

  5. This is a wonderful site for anyone looking for a roomate as well as anyone posting a room for rent. I found a great person on here in a matter of days from when I posted. - Tweeter777

  6. Thank you for this great service. Without I don't know what I would have done. My situation was little akward but not uncommon. I live in San Diego and now I have to commute to Sacramento during the weekdays for work. It would have been really difficult and a bear if I had to find accommodations on my own, but made this process quick and painless. Thanks again, Zikomo Bullock Business Owner - Zbullock

  7. Sheesh!† I was amazed at how fast and how well your service worked.† Hadn't even gotten around to putting an ad in the paper, which feels so much less informative, and less "safe", before someone contacted me during my brief membership.† Since this is a University town, and my wonderful roommate will eventually move on to bigger and better things, I will definately be contacting you again when the time comes. - Dawgs

  8. Thank you so much. My experience with this site has been fantastic. I cannot believe all the responses I received. If I ever need to find another roommate I will definitely come back. - Jhoffman

  9. I activated my account on Sunday evening. Monday morning I had an email reply to my profile- it's a better deal than I thought I could ever find! Thank you,, you have another 100% satisfied customer who's proud to offer you this unsolicited testimonial! Now, can you do something about the gasoline prices??? Best wishes, Phillip Donald

  10. I would recommend this website to other people who are moving to another state for a job or an education, among other reasons. It only took me a week to find two cool roommates. Thanks for making my life easier! - Garfac72

  11. has been a wonderful resource in finding a comfortable situation in which to live with all the traveling I do. Thanks very much! - Alroadrun

  12. Using was a great experience. I was placed in a pinch from my ex-roomate. By using this service I was able to search for and find my new roommate in about 2 weeks. I had several potential encounters and I would definitely reccomend this to any of my friends. Thanks!!! You guys are the best. Robert - Robert26

  13. This is definitely the best way to get a roommate. I found one within the hour I started moving in and I still had many others calling me. My roomate is very cool and we get along great! THANK YOU!! :) - Tarabean

  14. I got a response 15 minutes after subscription! Turns out that was the best deal. I wouldnt be living on campus for so cheap if it weren''t for! - NewfromCali

  15. Your website was amazing. I could talk to people if I wanted, no hard feelings if I didn't. I found the exact kind of roommate I was hoping for. If for some reason it doesn't work out with the roommate that I have now, I know what website to use to look for another roommate next time. Thank you for all of your services! - Cmdougla

  16. This service was great. I found a perfect place to stay in less than a week. It would have been so hard for me to find a place that fit my needs without the help of Life is good again thanks to you guys!! - Sweetsy67

  17. Thank you for your services. This was my first time looking for a roommate in almost 20 years, and your safe, matter of fact format greatly eased my worries. Not only that, I have a roommate, and I didnít even have enough time to put an ad in the newspaper (which I wasnít looking forward to). The system is so helpful in narrowing the field in large cities! Thanks Again, Dawgs - Dawgs

  18. I found a roommate through your services quickly. We have a lot in common and have fun together. It was a perfect match. When I have my other room ready to rent I will re-activate my account. Thank you!!! - Litedude1

  19. It really was an enjoyable and FAST way to find somebody! It was very easy and at no point was my privacy disturbed. My previous roommate who I found through friends left me in a very tight spot, but the roommate I found here has worked out WONDERFULLY! Thank you!!!! -Tamara - TamaraB

  20. I could not have found a better roomate on They provide an accessible way to find a match that works for you. I will definately be recommending to my friends! - Missy80

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