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  1. I have now found two rommates with your service and each has worked out great. Since I am new to the area, this site has been very helpful in terms of both locating people to live with and finding people to meet. - Cubcub

  2. I found a roommate quickly and easily by using your service. The process was wonderful, and I would highly reccomend it to anyone looking for a place. Thank you so much, I am currently living with another former member who feels the same way about your advertising. If I ever need another roommate, is the first and only place I will go. Thanks again! ~Andrea~ - Andrea8604

  3. is an excellent service and I was highly satisfied with the results. If I'm ever in a situation where I will need another roommate I will definitely come here and recommend you to those who are in need of roommates. It really is a great site and service. - KillyMcgee

  4. Perfect service. Really helped me find what i needed, giving me a wide range of options to choose from. Thanks! Regis - Rverliefde

  5. I have now found two rommates with your service and each has worked out great. Since I am new to the area, this site has been very helpful in terms of both locating people to live with and finding people to meet. - Cubcub

  6. This is the second roommate I have found through and I am very pleased. Your forms ask all the right questions and really help to find the right people quickly. Your notification services via email are awesome - all I had to do was check my email to know I had new prospects. Thanks for offering a much needed service. - 2femgrads

  7. Thank you, once again, for providing this service! This will be the second (consecutive) time I've successfully found a wonderful roommate through you. Sincerely, Rhiannon Rolson - Reesings

  8. I tried this site for the first time and found this to be a very good service. I anticipate using it again and again in the future as something always comes up available to rent. I find it very convienient and it is good to see what someone is like before you even speak. That's something that cannot be done through a newspaper add. Plus when you get an inquiry it is usualy pretty serious as they can see what your rental has to offer them beforehand. I will recommend this site to my friends and associates. - CassandraA

  9. A truly fantastic site! I found a roomate after only looking at two places! Well worth the investment. Thanks! Scott Christianson - Ontime

  10. I am very happy with my new home, and it would not have been possible without I have the most awesome roommate, a beautiful house, great neighborhood, everything I was looking for. - Dav_aly76

  11. Thank you very much. We actually found 2 very nice people through you site. If ever we need a roommate again we will definately use your site. Thank you again!! - Buddies

  12. My experience with this service was excellent. I was able to search for people who fit exactly what I was looking for. Also, I was able to find my new roommate here! He is an awesome person and I am looking forward to sharing an apartment with him. Good job guys! :) Thanks! Jamie - Jamiemcd

  13. Another roommate! Just one more reason that I like using This is my third time using it and I am very satisfied with my experience. I'll definitely use your service in the future should I need it, and recommend it to anyone I know who is looking for a roommate. Everyone wins in a good situation like this. keeps providing the excellent service and support for a reasonable price. Thanks again! - Perry

  14. Thanks! I found awesome roommates with a great affordable place. I will definitely use this service again if I ever need a roommate! - Katy

  15. Thank you! I found a roommate using your service and she's the best roommate I've ever had! We've practically become best friends since moving in together. I've already recommended your service to many of my friends who will be moving in the next couple of months! Thank you once again! - Morty618

  16. Thanks for all the great help in finding a perfect match as a roommate. I'll be sure to use you in the future and refer all my freinds to you as they need your services. Roy :) - ReadyRoy

  17. This site has been so helpful both for me and my new roomie! After a few emails back and forth, I met with her and we knew from the second we first talked that we would make great housemates. She loves my dog, we attend the same college, we are both the same major and we get along great! Just wanted to say thanks for having such a great service and I highly recommend this site to anyone needing the help that I did! - JodyBenicia

  18. Your service was a Godsend. Less than 20 minutes after I posted my profile (I had a room to rent) I got my first response. They kept coming in after, but as it worked out, the first person who responded ended up being a perfect match! Thank you!!!!! - Italiana1971

  19. worked really well for me and I've reccomended it to lots of my friends. Thanks for such a great service. I found a roommate after only 1 day, in fact she was the first match I contacted. Thanks again! - Rucker

  20. Wonderful website!!! I found a roommate very quickly. has the RIGHT idea by offering a 3 day membership for $5.99. The other roommate services required a full year membership for $60 -- I think not!!! I would recommend your company without hesitation. Thank you. Chris Burnside - Mrfixitup

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