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  1. This is one the best and most reliable website to find a roommate. I found a nice and responsible person in less than a month. - Sandra

  2. This is the fourth time I have used ROOMMATES.COM. The first time I only purchased a three (3) day membership. I responded to the MATCHES if I felt that they were the type of person I would want as a ROOMMATE. In the response, or the contact member section, I gave a bit more information and my cell phone number as well. ALL FOUR TIMES, I was successful in finding a ROOMMATE. Both my current ROOMMATES are due to this membership. I have to add that the SUPPORT DEPARTMENT IS TOP NOTCH. With any question I sent to them I received an immediate answer. ROOMMATES.COM is well worth the inexpensive membership fee. I give ROOMMATES.COM 10's across the board...Thanks again. - Mike

  3. This is the second roommate I have found via I am very satisfied with the service. - Susan

  4. At first I really didn't want to pay the money for the services provided here, but the honest truth is that I found a great place to live and it was more than worth the money spent. Thanks! Finding a good place to live isn't easy and I really appreciate this service!!! - Amanda

  5. The first person to reply has become my roommate, was on my time schedule and it has been 3 weeks and seems to be working out very well. I know he'll probably be here for about 6 months and will use Roommates again when I need a new roommate. - Jjudy

  6. is a great resource. I found a renter through - Milton

  7. I thought the website was very user friendly. I found the perfect roommate, not only for me, but for my dog Lexi too. Her and I love our new home and new friends. I have already recommended this for a friend. Thanks for everything :) - Christy

  8. Thank you for providing your great service. I got thirteen (13) replies in eight (8) days to my request to find temporary lodging. Most people want a more permanent place to stay than my scenario of just three nights per week and for only three to four months. I found your site very easy to use and also found that there are many out there who need someone to room with or find lodging by themselves. Again, thank you, - Bill

  9. Thank you for this service it was fantastic and lucky I found you. I found a great connection that my daughter and I will be comfortable and happy with til we can find a place on our own.... You are a lifesaver... I recommend this for anyone. - Susan

  10. Thank you. I found a great roommate and quickly!! is the only way to go when you need a roommate. - Heather

  11. This is a great website, that I have recommended to some friends. I found a roommate pretty quickly. I love the layout regarding the profiles. Thanks, - Rich

  12. I am sooooo glad I found It seemed like I would never find a comfortable home at a reasonable price in looking for apartments. I signed up with and met some very nice people. I acquired a place to call home, and even though one place did not work out, I now have a new friend. made the transition from one state to another exciting since i was able to find a place to live within 3 days after looking through ads etc. for at least 2 months.... - Vilma

  13. I moved to California 2 years ago and found a great roommate on, she is now one of my good friends. I found out a few months ago that she was moving for a job. I got on right away and found someone pretty quick. This is my second time using this site and both times it has been very helpful. - Kennedy

  14. Thank you for your services. This website is great. I have now found two different places to live thru I will continue to use it in the future if I need to find another place. Will also refer this site to any friends that I know that need to find a room for rent or a potential roommate. Thank you again, - Rodney

  15. Greetings! For the last two years, I've turned to your website to find a dependable, friendly & responsible roommate to help provide extra income. Each time, I've found just the right person to complement my living situation & though my last two roommates have each moved on to new cities, I'm happy to still call them both friends! Just last week I met my next roommate & she moves in in late August, so hey - third time is another charm, right?! LOL Whenever I hear that someone is considering taking in a roommate, I always recommend your website before they can take another breath, because I've had such success here! Anyway, just wanted to send a big shout-out to say thanks so much for all you do!!! GREAT JOB!!! - Pam

  16. Through your program I have found the perfect roommate. Our birthdays are two days apart and it seems as if we have known each other forever. Thanks once again for the great find. - Roy

  17. Thank-you - good, fast and efficient! Found a room within 48hrs cheers. - Matthieu

  18. I have found a roommate in the shortest amount of time imagined. I couldn't believe twenty minutes after purchasing the additional coverage for $19.95 I received a couple of calls and 1 hour later, I have a roommate. Thus far, we're moved -in and everything seems to be OK. - Edward

  19. I am really thankful for, I moved from Evergeen, Colorado to a Charleston, South Carolina without knowing anyone where was a useful tool for me. I was able to email my new roommate and turns out she is very thankful to have her room rented out even if it is just temporary. Thank You for this useful tool and keep up the good work, - Alyssa

  20. I have 2 EXCELLENT roommates. I will forever use you guys. I have found 4 excellent roommates in all from this site. The people who apply here are quality people. The only reason they move is cause they only want short term rentals OR they went back to their girlfriend or boyfriend. Thanks a lot! - Tammy

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