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  1. Great service! I met a lot of nice potential roommates on and I feel the choice I made is the best one for me. Thanks! I look forward to using your service again. Sincerely, lizzie21 - Lizzie21

  2. This was one of the best sites I have ever used. Excellent website functionality, navigation, and general ease of use. - Webproducer

  3. Thank you for your service. I've gotten my second roommate from you and this roommate has proven to be just as good as the first one. Your service allows the renter as well as the roommate to get to know each other and screen each other in a safe and controlled atmoshphere for both parties. It's great and I'd recommend it to anyone. Thank you. Nestor. - Nestor66

  4. Once again, I have used to find another roommate. I am so pleased with this service. I received tons of responses and the first person to see the room took it! It has made my life so much easier. Thank you once again! Donna - Dlcomrie

  5. Incredible Incredible site! Nothing but impressed with the caliber of people I have met thru this service. For them to know a little of what I am like before they show up at the door helps immensely in finding that one true person that will work out in the long run. I am truly appreciative of this site. Have found two great roommates and can be nothing but extremely happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! - Ntylla

  6. Thank you for such wonderful service! Your interface was much more user-friendly than other sites. I liked having access to the last time that a user was active and to all the amenities that were available and/or requested. I am very satisfied with my new living arrangement! - Parthenos7

  7. Thank you for your service. I've gotten for now my second roommate from you and this roommate has proven to be just as good as the first one. Your service allows the renter as well as the roommate to get to know each other and screen each other in a safe and controlled atmoshphere for both parties. It's great and I'd recommend it and have to anyone. Thank you. Nestor. - Nestor66

  8. I found a WONDERFUL roommate through We are very happy people and like the use of the smiley faces to characterize personalities. Thank you! :) Amber - Leah76

  9. this is third roommate I've found through - the first two were for shorter term rentals (by agreement), this one is more long term. Having a high level of confidence in the ability to find a roommate in a timely manner through allows shorter term agreements - with the near certainty that a "replacement" will be found. Great service. Richard K. - RichSmile

  10. Thanks for everything, I was kinda sketch about finding a roomate online but I found a great roommate and it was so simple. The follow up notifications were great as well, I could just click on the link and it takes me right to your sight. I would recommend this site to anyone in need of a roomate. - Lauren02

  11. It was so successfull. I got a roommate almost immediately! And I had about 5 other people interested. Thanks again. - Silveradohd

  12. I highly reccommend to anyone in need of a roommate that they check out this site. It is worth paying for the trial membership because you get to view more pics and read what people have written in their comments you can check your mail and get in touch with people. Most people put their contact info in their comments section, so if you don't pay, you can't get in touch with anyone. That's how I found my new roommate...I hope it works out. We met to look at an apartment and had coffee and she was really nice. We're moving in this weekend! Thanks so much for helping me find a roommate! - Leamond

  13. Your site is the bomb!  It's very user-friendly and has awesome options. I like the profile catagories and actually everything about your site. Thank you so much for helping the community! Michelle - Shelberz

  14. I am very satified with I have used this service 2 times in the last 2 years and have had successfull and friendly roommates. I want to take the time out and say thank you once again sebastian - BoyNextDoor5

  15. Thank you, thank you, and thank you! It's unbelievable how GREAT this site is. I’m currently working on a dual Master’s (MISM and MBA). (AshleyGA and I have agreed to be roommates). I’ve never had to use a “roommate service” before. I’ve always lived alone, and the few times I’ve had a roommate (in undergrad) I lived with a friend or friends of friends. My expectations were exceeded in every way! The caliber of people (I met with 7 potential housemates) was incredible! In one week I was able to find a roommate that is exactly like me! (She’s currently finishing her PhD---she’s finished with school, but working on her dissertation). I used two other roommate sites and those sites are not even worth mentioning, as they don’t even come close to the ease of use, the “fair use” of the site, and the type of people on the site. I promise I will tell anyone I meet, looking for a roommate, to use this site! Thanks again, Robert Anthony - Robert685

  16. This service was well worth the small amount of money it costs. I found a roommate in only 10 days. If I am in need of a roommate again I will use Scott Mullee 8th Grade science teacher - Scott_M

  17. I found a great roommate with compatible interests. I have used 3 times over the years to find a roommate. Don't know what I'd do without this site. Thanks a bunch! Gloria - Gloria

  18. I found 3 roomates through this online service. Havent met them yet but Im excited. Its awesome that at the touch of a few letters and clicks your whole life can change. I live in AZ and am moving to San Luis Obispo,Ca and this service made it much easier than driving all the way out there and trying to look for a room or vise versa. Its so easy to get started. Good luck all ~Erin - EClancy

  19. This is a great service - didn't find the right thing for me this time, but the product is still great because I could tell what's out there. People are honest about what they offer and what they are looking for. The webpage is well-done. It's all very easy. Thanks. - GlassBlower

  20. Thank You! I did find a most wonderful roommate! I am so glad that there is a service like yours' to assist in finding possibly, not only the right roommate, but maybe their SOULMATE! Thank You again, HoneyGirl - Honeygirl

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