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  1. I had a very good experience with I came across some quality folks. I found an affordable room in a nice house, good location, and 2 guys who seem like they will be awesome roommates. THANK YOU! Julie JulieL80 - JulieL80

  2. I'm so glad I found! I couldn't have found my roommates alone. This service makes finding roommates in a new area a piece of cake. Thanks to and to all the supporters who make this roommate search possible. - JenPower4

  3. This thing is incredible! I signed up today and earlier this afternoon I had already found the perfect place to live and the perfect roommate. THANK YOU!!! - Brandilaab

  4. Found a great roommate with compatible interests. We both are animal lovers, especially cats!! Have used three times over the years to find a roommate. Don't know what I'd do without this site. And, I've met new friends throughout the process. Thanks a bunch! Gloria - Catlover5

  5. Thank you, for providing a good service. I found a new roommate very quickly and it looks like it will be great. Comment: I will use this service again later if I need to with one major thing in mind. Many other services will get you to sign up for a trial and then hide the cancel service function. Then, they will bill you for the next month automatically when all you wanted was a 3 day trial. You did not do this, so I will come again! - Placehunter

  6. I found a roommate! This is the second time roommates has come through, and she's cool (and clean) just like her profile said. I was able to pick and choose between several options, and you guys found her for me..THANKS - Searching21

  7. I am very impressed with your service. I had so many more choices than I expected. I found a nice place I really like in just a couple of days of using the service! It certainly helped alleviate a lot of stress for me. Thanks!!!!! - Desmyn

  8. is great! I found a compatible place 100 times faster than using the online newspaper classifieds. It took less than 2 days to find the perfect roommate when I had already been using the newspaper for over 2 weeks! Thank you! - CleanNgood

  9. I've used this service for the past 3 roommates and the results have been great ! Good people that become good friends as well.I'll be back again if the services are required..thanks - Niccosuave

  10. I found a roommate through this website and it's great .... I'm very happy with the outcome and thank you sooooooooo much .... I'm getting to know my roommate and we have alot in common, it's all good. Thanx!!! - Kidaly

  11. Thank you- I found two great roommates quickly though this service at a price competitive to what I would have spent on newspaper ads, with less of the hassle and more detail. - TaraRighetti

  12. Whoa. A totally amazing experience. Not only did I already fill my room, but I got what appears to be a top notch roommate and not some psycho who answered an add in the paper. Next time I rent again, I won't have to look any further than this site. Thanks!!! --Todd - Tsy

  13. The website works great! I was able to find 2 roommates, and now I can get a nice, affordable place. Thank you so much! I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for a roommate. - PrinCMcess

  14. I just want to say that from the day that I posted that I had a room available I had three responses within 6 hours of posting. Now the room has been filled and I am very satisfied with this site. I will also return to this site if I need other roommates in the future. - Chuck65

  15. The site was great, and I found it right when I thought I'd never be able to find a roommate. allowed me to find people who had similar tastes and sensibilities. I've not only found a roommate, I've also found a friend! Kristin Pfeifer - Poseidon

  16. worked great for me. I filled all 3 of my rooms in less than a week. I had my first roommate within the first 24hrs. eliminated all the awkward questions and gave me all the answers I needed. I would recommend to everyone! Thank you, Elizabeth Grand Junction, CO - Xo_liz_xo

  17. Great program! Not only did I find a great roomate but I also made a few friends from this service. Thanks a bunch!~ Jessica..moved to Savannah GA - Pinkzeplin

  18. Thank you so much for such a great website! We got a lot of responses, and our first interview ended up being the last. It was so easy!It turned out better than I could have hoped for. Thank you! Mercedes and Brianna - Mercedesbri

  19. I really enjoyed using your service. I was able to not only find a terrific townhouse to live in but a fabulous roommate as well. is a definite commodity to those looking for housing. Thanks!!!! - Cbrowninnc

  20. Thanks so much! I found a roommate through within five days after I was notified that on-campus housing was full. I was worried about finding a roommate on such short notice, but I contacted a potential roommate on Saturday, met with her on Tuesday afternoon and by Tuesday night we'd decided to become roommates. I most definitely will recommend this service to others.-Alive2Strive - Alive2Strive

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