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  1. Thanks; you helped me a lot. I reccomend to anyone in search of a new friend. I found it helpful and made a lot of friends because you get to know people through a safe and secure service. If I need a roommate again I will come here. Thanks a lot for providing a great service. Annabella - Annabella

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  3. This quite honestly is FAR AND AWAY the BEST site there is out there.I hope you guys have more business than you know what to do with. Just wanted to say "thanks" for the great site! - Robert

  4. I really love this service. I live in the midwest and I found someone from the east coast thru this service. They are going to be moving in soon. We seem like we mesh very well and even our pets do too!!! I love Thank you so much!!! - Ezekiel

  5. is the best place for looking for a roommate. Thank you so much for your help. You can actually find a roommates in less than a week. Nothing like other web sites at all. Thanks again and I will be using this whenever I need a room and tell everybody that I know. Michael - Vegasvala

  6. Great website - quick and painless! I definitely will be recommending this site to any others I know who are looking for a roommate. Thank you. - Kksumner

  7. There's so many great people on here, I had a tough time choosing! I even made friends with the people I didn't choose! Your site is great, very helpful with contacting people and being able to see their email addresses... it doesn't seem like you're just out to make money (like some of the other sites I tried). This site is perfect for finding a roommate! - Smosh02

  8. was a great help in finding the right roommate. It was easy to use, dependable, and the people who use the site were honest about themselves and the places they had to rent. I very much enjoyed using this service! - Macy

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  11. I found a cool and friendly roommate. Thank you so much for setting up; without your website, i got no place to stay and it will be hard to find a roommate. My son and I will be safe with our new friendliest roommate. Thank u again! - Sweetgurl18

  12. was a great help in finding the right roommate. It was easy to use, dependable, and the people who use the site were honest about themselves and the places they had to rent. I very much enjoyed using this service! - Macy

  13. Thanks for this website. I signed up and looked around for a couple of days, then contacted who I wanted to and an hour later i found a roommate. Great site! - Boogs

  14. I found a great roommate throught, we get along very well and I couldn't have found a better roommate!! Thanks for helping. I will be suggessting this service to everyone I know to help them with the same problem [finding a roommate], it was hassle free and fun to do. We share a great apartment and will be using in the future. Thanks again!! Chelsey - Beautimusang

  15. Thanks roommates helped me find the perfect roommate in just 3 days. I am moving from Chicago to Sacramento and while I was out there on an interview for a prospective job I was able to get both the perfect roommate and the job. This was a very valueable service and would recommend it to anyone. Dave - DiamondDave

  16. When people ask me why/how did I move to Baltimore, I tell them that I found the perfect roommate at! Not only that, many members who were potential matches were very helpful as far as "networking" in my job search! I am the happiest I have ever been! Thanks,! Brenda - Bhrousect

  17. Thank you! We found a great person to rent our place. This was better than the newspaper, and so much easier without all the calls and time setups. I was able to view the profiles and do bci and credit checks before making any interviews. This worked out great. - Shawnpaul

  18. Thank you I was able to find an awesome house and a great roomate in 3 days! Your service really helped me out...I will return to this site if I am ever looking for a roommate. - Golfchick9

  19. This site was very helpful. The first day I had some responses. If I ever need a roommate in the future, will be the first place I come to. Thank you for this wonderful service. Sincerely, Jennifer - Nerwen76

  20. Thank you for your service. It wasn't even two days from when I created my profile desperately looking for a roommate, that I received an email from my soon-to-be roommate. It was the best investment I've ever made for the price. Needless to say I now have a new awesome roommate and a roof over my head! Thanks, you make the searching easy! - Bhoberg

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