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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

521. Great service! Took the anxiety out of finding a place to stay. Both I and the renter were very pleased. I would use this site again without hesitation!
- David
522. Thanx, I found two great roommates through Roommates.com that I can get along with great! Lucky me, I got pleanty of calls and responses from my profile within one day of having my profile posted! Sincerely,
- Liz
523. You guys are great! Quick, easy, and fun!!!Thanks!
- Aaron
524. What a great website! I met really nice people and being able to see pictures of places before going to see them is incredibly helpful.
- Beth
525. this is a fantastic service, i got a great roommate and a fabulous house so close to campus. you guys are the best!!!
- Justin
526. I was searching for an apartment/roommate through newspaper classifieds and school postings without any luck. I joined Roommates.com for a small fee and within an hour I was talking with over 10 potential roomates. I found one and within a week of joining I was moved in and everything is great. Thank you Roommates.com for your great service!
- Kyle
527. Thank you so much for everything. I found a beautiful home to move into and can actually unpack my things for the first time in almost 2 years. Your service is wonderful and I will recommend it to all my friends in need of a place to live or a roommate.
- Milliner
528. Thank you for your free service. It is the only one I have used that does that it promises. I found the perfect place to stay just 2 hours after I registered.
- ReconUsmc
529. My ad was filled using Roommates.com. Thank you so much for a wonderful website. User freindly. The service that you provided was excellent!! I am going to pass on your website to anyone that comes along that needs a roommate. The people going on line are very clean, respectful. Thank you once again for the help and support. Hillary Rose
- Roseisarose
530. Thanks for the experience on Roomates.com. I did receive alot of matches.If I ever need to use this service again, I will not hesitate to do so. I have referred a few of my friends to this site who indeed had some luck in finding roomates. Thanks again Roommates.com. Sincerely Tkali411
- Tkali