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531. Yes, I found a very nice roommate on your website. It was well structured with many good services. I would recommend it to anyone and say that it was well worth the money.
- Townhouse
532. This site has really helped ease the pressure of seeking out a new place to rest. Everyone I have talked with and met has made this an enjoyable experience. The hardest part was deciding where to move. I would recommend this site to anyone either needing a roommate, or seeking a new home!!!
- Waterwngridr
533. I really liked using Roommates.com I found a roommate within two days of posting my file. I think this is a great way to find someone to move in with or just be friends.
- Tabby
534. The listings were great. I found a place within two days! Thanks so much for such a great resource. I'll be back here to fill my future roommate needs.
- Goober
535. I have found the ideal roommate through your services and am extremely grateful for your help in finding a roommate. I can say that you were BY FAR the best roommate website service of all of the other ones I checked out. You, by far, excel in the area of helping people find wonderful matches, compared to other website roommate services. There really is no comparison to the other four services I checked out. There simply is NO comparison, and you should take pride in your efforts and work. No other service even paid attention to preferences, such as age. Thank you, again, very much, for your help, for I did indeed find the ideal roommate, and we are so similar, thanks to your efforts in matching preferences. I actually never dreamed of ever finding a roommate who is so similar to myself. It is as if we were meant to find each other. Sincerely, Kerri
- KerriL
536. Great service! Met a fabulous person moving to my area that I would not have met otherwise. Match made in heaven. Thank you! I will definitely use this service in the future if I need a roommate again.
- Ann
537. Thanks Roommates.com, for offering an excellent service. Signing up for roommates made it a lot easier for me to find a room in Washington DC, especially since I had to arrange everything from overseas. I found an excellent, fully furnished room in a couple of weeks (if that!) Thank you soooo much! Susanne
- Susanne
538. I found an awesome roommate through Roommates.com...I am a private pilot in training and my new roommate is a 747 pilot... so we'll have plenty to talk about! I tried other roommate sites and NONE of them even came close to the quality of service offered by Roommates.com! Thanks so much for your commitment to excellence in helping me to find a quality roommate. I would definately use Roommates.com again in the future as well as recommend you to my friends and associates. Deva
- Deva
539. I not only found a great room in a beautiful house but I found a friend in my new roommate. He's the best and I thank you for that!! If I ever need a room again your site is the only one I'll use. Roommates.com rocks!!! Thanks again! Juls23
- Juls
540. Roommates.com was a wonderful resource. I found a roommate in 3 days and would sugest it to any one who is looking for a room or a roommate.
- JayLewGrl