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  2. Dear, You guys are the best. I accepted a job offer on July 7th which meant I had to find a roommate and a place to live by July 26th, my first day at work. I was in a jam. Then, I found out about your website. The profiles and matches were indispensible. By July 17th, I had found a roommate and a great apartment. You're service is wonderful and I would reccommend for anybody looking for roommate. You guys rock! Thanks, Lisa Tyree - Ljt464

  3. I found two roommates through this website in my city, and low and behold, they are members of my gym! I am happy I was able to connect to people that I am already acquainted with. Thanks! - Piangea

  4. I found a great roommate through this service. I have used this service once before and it has proven to be good each time. Roommates can be a time consuming thing to look for but on this site I was able to find one in one week. It's been a great experience and I'll reccomend it to others! Sincerely, Vanessa - Gurgle

  5. I want to really thank you for the services you provide. I signed up for a 1 month memebership and within a week found someone compatible offering the preferences I was looking for. The money I spent was well worth it and I actually saved me time and money on long run. Thanks so much. Sincerely, Juan Cerna - JMannyC

  6. Through, I was able to find a perfect match for what I was looking for. She and I became friends instantly and can't wait to move in to our apartment together. Thanks! - Blondiee7985

  7. I truly felt that I would never find my 3rd roommate after I had spoken to over 5 girls elsewhere and none had agreed or had been a good match. But I found my new roommate through quickly and it looks like it will be a great year! Thanks for being so easy to use and excellent at matching. Thanks again! - DFrench5070

  8. Thank you for your great site :) I found a great, beautiful place for me and my son to live. I am so happy. Its been a great experience. Thanks again. Sincerely, Jill O'Connell - Jillie75

  9. This was a great way for me to find a roommate so that I could cut living expenses drastically. Additionally, it gave me the opportunity to find someone who could introduce me to the area seeing as I will be new. Thanks for your help! - Sarahbeth22

  10. Thanks for all your help! I was very satisfied with the service provided by This way was much easier than other services and I had a lot more choices than if I found someone through a "friend of a friend". I never had to worry about hurting feelings and I could be as picky as I wanted to be. This service was very useful to me, I will definetly use roommates when I am looking for my next roommate! Thanks! Patti - Patti25

  11. I'm very happy with the results of my membership with It only took two weeks before I found a great place and an even better roommate. What I really liked was the variety of opportunities that I had. I wasn't limited to one or two options, so I didn't feel pressured to make a choice based solely on finances or location. - Kellyd35

  12. Thank You all for your services, helps me find a roommate within 48 hours of signing up. I strongly recommend this site to anyone in search of a place to call Home. I can't think of another site that's more efficient than this one. Again thank you and your services are much appreciated. Single Mom Concord, CA - NubianQueen

  13. I have found an inexpensive apartment to rent. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of I really enjoyed the updates and would recommend the service to others. Thanks again! - Indy

  14. This is the first time I use internet to find a property and a roommate. This is truly powerful - I received so many inquiries. I found my roommate in less than two weeks. Thanks for the wonderful service. I will definitely recommed this website. - OliviaL

  15. Thanks so much! With other services, no one was contacting me or answering my messages. It was really frustrating, but then found! I really hit it off with the person, and I'm moving in there in a few months. I wish I wouldn't have bothered with anywhere else. Thanks again! - Bfsmith

  16. This is the best service I have used, only limited responses with other online avenues.. within a week I had more qualified potential roommates than over a month with the others combined! - Twjoe

  17. I am SO EXITED about my new living situation that I found through your service on The girl I'm moving in with found both me and the other roommate of a 3-bedroom apartment on The place is beautiful, the people are NORMAL, and the service was easy. WELL-WORTH the cost of enrollment. I have referred 3 people to your service so far and will continue to do so. Thank you SO MUCH! Jill - Jillzchicago

  18. I found a great apartment and a really nice roommate though It was in the area I wanted, in my price range and our personalities match well. It was ideal!! - Swulay

  19. I am very satisfied with the services of I have found what I was looking for & more. I will be moving into my NEW Home in a couple of days. Thank you for your services. I will recommend it to others and I hold it in the highest regard. - Cam36

  20. I have used three times in the past; and my girlfriend and I have found a place each time. I couldn't be happier. Each time, the site was easy to use, the locations were great, and the rent was just right! I recommend your site often and will continue to do so in the future. Thanks, and keep up the good work!! - Amy

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