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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

541. I am very happy with the service you provided for me. I found a wonderful roommate through you. I will recommend you to friends and will use you again in the future if I ever need to. Thank you very much! Best Regards...Cat37
- Cat
542. I just wanted to let ya'll know I love this service. Within a week, I met two matches I had on here, and found a place I absolutely love. The other person and I hit it off real well, and I am moving in in 3 weeks!!! Thank you so much!! Very Grateful, *~*Allison*~*
- Allison
543. This service was great in finding an outstanding roommate to share a house with. I could not have asked for better. I was coming across country not knowing anyone or the area and the service worked great to make me familiar with both. Keep up the great site (so in the future, if needed, I can use it again. :)
- ScottS
544. Of all the roommate services on the internet, I found yours to be the most user friendly. You gave all the search options that I wanted so I didn't have to search through loads of listings. you also had the best possible roommate listings. If I ever need to find another roommate, yours is the service I'll turn towards first. Thanks!
- ButterCPCT
545. I found the perfect roommate thanks to Roommates.com. It was so easy at every step, and I got notices in my mailbox on a daily basis of new prospective Roommates. I couldn't ask for anything easier or quicker then Roommates.com. Thank you!
- Ladyblue
546. This is a great service! I find renters so quickly thanks to your "all over the world reach". My room is never empty for more than 30 days. The people have always been top notch and to this day we remain in touch. I keep coming back to you for all these reasons. Thanks for creating this site!
- Lucky
547. Your service was quick, easy and very efficient in finding a roommate! I hardly had a chance to post any pics of my place and I had messages coming in. Thank you for offering such a great service! :)
- Rocket
548. Hi! You guys have been a life net for me! I have found every one of my roommates via your service. We're talking about 4 great individuals here. You make it very easy to navigate your site and ask good quesions for potential roommates to answer. I'm sure after an indefinite amount of time (for which my new roommate will be here), I will be utilizing your services again and I've also recommended you to others searching. Thanks again! You guys rock!
- Suzieg
549. I have used this website before and it was a huge success so I came back and had the same results. I filled my vacancy in 4 days thanks to this website! I recommend it to everyone!
- Snapps
550. I am so happy! Once again I found a great roommate through Roommates.com. I was overwhelmed at all the many responses I received from all over the world! Thanks once again! I also recommended it to a friend who was looking for a room in another town and he found one the same day! Donna
- Dlcomrie