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  5. I can not believe this. Only three days after I signed up, I had found the roomate of my life. We click together so well, this place really knows how to match people up. It has specific preferences, so you know just what you're getting into. Thanks, some of the roomates I found on my own were, quite scary. I'm glad something like this came along. Gary - StrongComic

  6. Thanks much; got roommate in less than 3 calls in an excellent location and for a great price. Will definitely recommend your service to my military friends as they canvass the country. See you on my next move... - CCC777

  7. Great place to find a roomie. Puts the local paper to shame. I was renting a room in my home. I think it took me approx 2 weeks to locate the type of person I was looking for. Thanks so much Jason / jmh1673 - Jmh1673

  8. Thanks again for your service. I'd recommend to anyone looking for a new living situation. The range of services provided, the user-friendliness of the web site as well as your excellent customer service, made the whole process easier. The continuous updates were a big plus too. Keep it up! Donna - Goodlf2

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  10. In just over 2 months I have found 3 roommates to share my home with. This has worked out great! I will use this service again if anyone moves out. Thanks! - Knightblde

  11. Thanks for the service it really helped me out. I found a roommate who lives very close to where I wanted to move. I would definitely recommend your service! James - J4truth

  12. Three times now I've used this service either to find a new place to live or to find roommates for an existing apartment, in both Canada and the U.S., and I couldn't be more satisfied with the service. Thank you very much. - GVR23

  13. This is my second time being successful using for two different parts of the U.S. I even met some new friends this time. Thanks for all of your help, I knew I could count on you! - Beth_hrgem

  14. Thank you so much for your service! After meeting several potential roommates, all of whom were quality people, we finally found the right match! I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a roommate. Thanks again, Bev - Bev

  15. Great service as usual. Have used you guys twice now and I still don't know what to say except a simple "thanks". Your one of the very few internet companies that I actually pay for a membership (month around when I'm getting ready to move). Keep up the great work guys. eRic - Greek_guy

  16. Out of everything I tried to use to find a roommate yours proved to be the best way to find one that fit with what I was looking for. Thanks so much. Should I need to find a roommate again I will use your service first. - JohnKay

  17. I found 2 amazing roommates...this is a great resource and I would definately use it again. It took me only about a week to find both of them! We fit perfectly and now we have a great aparmtent in the city! - FAMEBABY3

  18. is the easiest way to find your new roommate. The privacy is great and the small fee you pay is worth the great deal of money you'll save later on by rooming with someone! - BNesbitt23

  19. I have used twice in the past 18 months and both times have quickly and safely selected a roommate from its profiles. It is a terrific service and well worth the minimal charge. -Anna, Indiana - Annajo147

  20. is awesome! I found a new place to live within two days of registering on your site. Thank you so much, you guys are a lifesaver! I am going to tell all my friends to use in the future. - Oldschool

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