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  1. The search was quick and easy. In less than three days I found an awesome roommate and a great place to live less than a mile from where I work. Thank you very much for a great service! ~Andrew Farmer - Anfarmer

  2. THANK YOU, I was in such a rush, I had 4 days to get someone in the house, and I got someone in right away. I can't even tell you how grateful and destressed I am now. YAY! Thank you Thank you Thank you. - Needperson

  3. Thanks you so much for this service. Your listing of roommates is unmatched by any other service. I found several prospects and exactly what I was looking for. You saved me alot of time and money. Thanks again! - Geoscience11

  4. Great service! Within ten days of joining I was contacted by someone looking for a roommate - I'm moving in August 1!! I'd recommend this site to anyone looking to connect with others for a living situation. Thanks again, Rosalyn - RosalynP

  5. Great service. It is cool to see profiles of people and can easily select what criteria you want in a roommate. MUCH MUCH better than the typical add in the paper where 98% of the people that call are NOT what you are looking for. - Robapel

  6. was an excellent source of information for finding my new roommate. Having available so much relevant information at my fingertips was invaluable to my search. Based on profiles, I setup several visits and found a roommate within a short time. For those of you considering a membership, my vote would be a resounding, YES! Having the ability to contact potential roommates DIRECTLY is worth getting the membership by itself. is a great service! - Gemminator

  7. I found the most wonderful roommates through The house is really nice and in a great location. It's even close to my work. No more freeways!!! Thanks again!! - Mandy99

  8. I did find a roommate through your service and it was an excellent match. I am very impressed with your site and I believe my membership was money very well spent. Thank you. - Mykee

  9. Hi! I am very pleased with the service I have received from! It was extremely easy and have found a great roommate and a wonderful place to live! Thanks so much! - OohPickMe

  10. I have found an awesome roommate at Thank you so much for your help! It was fast and easy and made my life easier. This site is awesome! Jayn - Jayn37

  11. is the best roommate-finding tool on the web. It has the most results and is the easiest to use. I was nervous about finding a roommate and home because I was relocating two states away, but I found what I was looking for with plenty of time to spare. Thanks! - Rachel - Ducty

  12. Thank you very much for all that you do, I found a great roomy within 3 days of original posting. The way you set it up for people to e-mail freely & the subscription choices are great. You can call or contact in any way you feel comfortable. Daniel - Golf73122

  13. I signed up for 3 different internet roommate services and you provided the best service hands down. The choices I got from the other two combined would not even compare to yours. I would definitely recommend you to anyone and will use you again if the need ever arises. Thanks a million!-- Gabrielle - Gabrielle71

  14. Almost immediately, I got hits. I have found a very cool roommate, and it happened in just over a week of being online with you. The money spent was well worth it, and made it easier to screen the potential roommates. I can now spread the positive proof that the site works. Thanks. Fernando - Sdbart78

  15. Your service is excellent. Within one week I had 5 options. I chose the first one - IT WAS PERFECT. Thanks. I've been referring your service and I hope it grows. Keep up the good work and good luck! Dan - Nomad61

  16. I love your svc. Out of my p[ast 2 residences I have found people who really click w/ me. Thank you very much. Your staff and service are AWESOME!!! - Redmyst83

  17. was a great service. It made the whole search process as easy as it gets. I would definitely use it again to find new roommates. - Evalderrama

  18. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through your service I found a great 2 room apartment for only $600! Finding that in San Diego is a miracle! The room is an annex to the house so I have TOTAL privacy! The room even has a small kitchenette! I have had success in the past with your service but this is just fantastic. The room has a private bathroom, private entrance, in-ground swimming pool, a GREAT view, and a great neighborhood!! THANKS AGAIN!! ROOMMATES.COM RULES!!! :D - Paul

  19. Wow! Could this have gotten any easier? A mail service, a free profile and alerts when something new comes in! I found a roommate in a matter of weeks and I'm moving in this weekend! Thank you so much! - ODUKid

  20. Thanks, second time I've used your service and once again I am impressed. I had more inquiries through than through 2 different ads in the Washington Post. Thanks again, Mel - MHarmon

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