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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

551. Thank you so much for your assistance in finding someone to rent my room. I have since relocated, and am extremely happy with my new living conditions. This site is the best. Thanks again!!
- Waggles
552. She is the perfect match! Thank you so much for turning what used to be a time-consuming and painful process into a very easy, inexpensive and streamlined approach to find a roommate. I have bragged about your service to many people and will continue to do so. Thanks again!!
- Jbarton
553. Thanks guys. This is the most awesome and effective roommate finding service I have ever seen. I used this for my last place, and I used it for this upcoming place.
554. This website is perfectly designed in all aspects. It really helped me to find the roommate that matched what I was looking for. I recommend the site to anyone looking for "that roommate". Thank You for everything...
- Tully
555. Thank you for your service. This was a great website. I found an amazing roommate who I can get along with and even be FRIENDS with! I am moving in soon and its all thanks to you. Keep up the great work Roommates.com!
- Powerpuffboi
556. Given the other roommate finding sevices I tried, Roommates.com is no doubt the best. The uncluttered layout of the website, the diverse people that come to the the site, and the fair cost to become a member all contributed to a successful outcome. I found a roommate and also much to my surprise also found somebody special all thanks to Roommates.com making it possible.
557. I flew in to Denver this week and had a whole list of people and places to check out thanks to your site. The pictures and Power Search feature made it super easy to find exactly what I was looking for. I found a roommate and will be moving out there next week thanks to you guys. I will recommend Roommates.com to my friends and family too! Thanks again! --Phil H.
- Flipside
558. Thank you for this great resource. It saved me the hassle of looking through newspaper ads and dealing with people I know nothing about. I've found a great deal in a great area, with a person that is going to be very pleasant to live with. Thank you so much!
- Bolis
559. A nice way to meet potential roommates! I went through newspaper ads and local college off campus housing ads, but nothing matched quite like the roommate I found through Roommates.com. People helping out people and making friends in the process. Thanks so much for this great tool. Katie
- Alighteve
560. I chose the 3 day upgrade, and within 1 hour I had found my new roommate! This is a fantastic site with real people. If you're looking for a roommate then Roommates.com is the only place to go. Fantastic job!
- Jim