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  1. I tried to search on my own through advertisements and that kind of stuff, which was just a pain, but came through for me! I found a great room / roomates in a great location just a mile or so from campus at a great price. The fee for using was totally worth it, especially since I moved across the country and had a room within 3 days. Thanks! - Tweetie531

  2. Hi. It's surprising how great your service works. I moved from Pittsburgh to New Jersey and tried many classifieds and local papers but nothing did work. Finally, I found a nice roommate on and the place is cheaper than most other places in the expensive area of North Jersey! - Fahad

  3. This service was awesome and has helped me find my roommate. I am excited about the move and have been impressed with the choices of roommates I was able to find on here. - Cali2mutiger

  4. I found the best roommates in the world and an awesome place to dwell. We're such a great fit and I can truly say that I found my dream home. Thanks I truly couldn't have done it without you! Shaz from Chicago - Shazzie

  5. This was the best way to find a roommate. One of my best guy friends had suggested using this service and within three days I had found the perfect roommate! I will recommend this service to anyone who needs to find that perfect match. Having the choices of lengths of updated membership was very helpful too. I didn't have to sign up for three months when I found my roommate in a couple of days. The website was uncomplicated and I never had a pop-up for another service they offered. Other websites kept advertising their dating service. If I had wanted it I would look for it. Thanks for all the help! I couldn't be happier! - Keri152

  6. I don't usually comment on good service, but I'm so happy with it deserves a word. The membership fee paid for itself by helping me find a room at the low end of my price range but with more good qualities than I had hoped for. My search lasted just four days. Highly recommended!! - Eraoul

  7. Thank you so much for having a service like this to help find responsible people to share commondations. I was only going to be working in the area for a short time and was able to find a room to rent at a fraction of the cost an extended stay or short term lease would have cost. Not only are the commodations reasonable but I'm ecstatic that I'm in a nice area and only 6 miles from work. Thanks again. Brenda - Cincy

  8. I just wanted to say thanks! I felt so desperate using a roommate service online but I'm extremely happy that I found! I met my new roommate and we are moving in together on July 10th! I'm looking forward to a fun filled year with an awesome chick! You will be highly recommended by both of us! Brendizzy - Brendizzy

  9. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me find the perfect place. I never would have found a laid back bachelor pad like this without you guys. This is much better than trying to rent a place from scratch. - Gmsalpha

  10. The service was helpful. By being descriptive on what I was looking for it helped me find a match. My membership certainly paid off. - Kzookid

  11. I found a great and affordable place less than 10 minutes away from work and I'll be moving in in about a month. It was money well spent! Thanks! Emerson - Piyopiyo13

  12. I found a great and affordable place less than 10 minutes away from work and I'll be moving in in about a month. It was money well spent! Thanks! Emerson - Piyopiyo13

  13. Thanks for all of your help again! That makes two roommates at two different times and two different places. It opens so many doors. Thanks! - Lorry_jayne

  14. I found a roommate with the exact needs I had placed and it seems like it will end up working out perfect for both of us...Thank you for the help in finding a new place to live...! - MGilmore28

  15. Great site, I found a roommate in less than three days of setting up a profile. Thank you for your help! I definitely don't think there is any other place to search for roommates as comprehensively as this site. - Lavcrew0313

  16. works great! I had tons of roommate choices thanks to the service, it was well worth it! Now I don't have to pay all the rent by myself. - JessieT211

  17. Thank you so much for your service. I found a great roommate and it seems we're a great match. I can't wait for us to move in together! Keep doing what you're doing! Thanks again. - SSgroi

  18. My daughter received six responses within hours of contacting prospective roommates. After meeting the first person on the list we were luck: she decided immediately to accept the available room! I was so impressed with the experience. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. We would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a roommate. Thank you, Satisfied clients - BRIDGE311

  19. I found 2 awesome roommates through Not only are the girls great roommates but they are also becoming great friends! I can't explain to you how much I appreciate this service, without it I would have been stuck paying way too much money to live alone. I recommend this service to everyone! It's so helpful! Sarah, Austin TX - Misssarah

  20. I am very pleased with your company/program. Your site was very, very easy to use and I found a roomer in less than two weeks. If and when this match moves on, I'll be back to use your services. Thank you, Jan - Qbee0089

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