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  1. Your service is wonderful! It only took me 2 days to find the perfect place to move in to! I would recommend you guys to any of my friends in the future. - KatersGMU03

  2. This was a great service! I found a roomate within 1 month of signing up my profile. I recieved a lot of notices from people and I am thoroughly happy with the selection that the site gave me. tiffany - TColes26

  3. Within 25 days of posting on Craigslist i didnt have one hit. Within 2 days of posting on roomates as a member, I found a roommate and was on my way out of Boston down to the great state of Florida. Peace - TDavidson

  4. Thanks! Making a move from NY to SC is challenging enough. But i wanted to find a roommate so i would have at least one connection in a new city! I found someone right away and we totally hit it off. - Meeeeeegan

  5. WE had nothing but awesome success... within an hour of activation I had recieved 20 calls... I really appreciate this site: we decided on a roomie in only 3 days. Thanks~ Lindsay - Lindsrm18

  6. Thank you, I did find a roommate and I am no longer in need of Roommates .com. She's now my friend!Thanks again for your FREE service, Sunflower. Have a nice day! - Janice

  7. This website was a big help. I really enjoyed browsing the amenties people had to offer and reading their comments. The person I've put a deposit down with was one of "my matches" and I want to say thank you for your service. I really made use of the mail center too which was great. Thanks again for your help, Erin. - Erinella

  8. made it quick and easy for me to find a roomate that met my preferences. I am new to the Chicago area and not only was I able to find a roomate that was new to the city, but I also had many things in common with her. You can be as picky or as laid back as you want to be with this service. Thanks! Brandy - Looneyb

  9. Thanks...this is a really great service. I was able to find a roomate that matched my interests & worked much better than placing an ad in the paper. - MSwitz

  10. Wow! this is an amazing site. I was a member for only a few days and was able to find a roommate during that time! Thank you for this terrific service! Valerie - Pgmrgrrl

  11. Thanks for the assistance! I love the service. The $19.99 fee is well worth it. Not only did I find a roommate, I also found a friend to live with me. Thanks very much. More power to you! Jon Gonzalez - Count1234

  12. I found a great roommate through this site. The background information from profiles helped filter through potential matches along my search. I would recommend using to friends. - HeathrFeathr

  13. Thank you so much! I am very surprised at how quickly I found a roommate with my 3-day pass. He is a nice person, and we are moving within a month. I can only say how happy and surprised I am! Thanks! 7 - Sevensstang

  14. The services is a very well designed service. It has a very clean, professional look and is easy to navigate. I will recommend it to friends. Cheers, David - Gtguy

  15. This was the greatest thing I ever decided to do! I found an awesome roommate and an incredible place. I can't thank you enough. - Tig04

  16. Thanks for your help! I found the system very easy and the high quality of my matches made me very comfortable. I'm very impressed. Melissa K - MelissaK38

  17. Thanks for everything Rent gets too be expensive when you're paying it by yourself! I had multiple replies and all were excellent referrals. thanks again. - Doubledown22

  18. Wow! I had no idea this would work out so well. I posted our profile and, within days, received many good leads from people looking for a room. We interviewed several and selected the person that seemed to be the best match. What a quick, sure process this is! We're really happy with our new roommate. His personality really fits us. I'll definitely recommend to my friends. I love you guys! - RBlanchard

  19. Your service has helped me out more than once. We found a great roommate last time and this time when i had to move out, i knew exactly where i could go to find a place. Thanks! - ToddS

  20. Thank you for providing a fast and easy site that actually works! I found a great house to live in at an even better price in less than one day. Thank you and I look forward to using your service for my next move. -Shaun - SBamforth

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