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581. I found my roommate in less than 24hrs. That is just amazing. Thanks so much for the service, I really liked it!!! Aida
- AidaG
582. Roommates.com was an incredible vehicle for finding a living space to share. As a recently separated dad, an affordable, yet clean and safe place to live and have my kids visit was critical. I found just such home (as opposed to a house) on your site and will move in in two weeks. Thanks for a complete and user friendly internet site, that really works.
- Electrosales
583. Thanks again Roommates.com. I've found a wonderful match and can't wait to have him arrive. Your service is wonderful and helpful in helping with the process of weeding out the negitives and finding the positives. K.C.
- Keywestkc
584. It worked quicker then I ever would have imagined. This is twice that you guys have helped me. Thanks.
- Dreedy
585. Once again Roommates.com comes through with "FLYING COLORS!" Another succesful placement, and I plan on making more in the future when I look for someone to fill a place in my house. Thanks again, Nathan
- Nabob
586. Thank you again for a wonderful service. For the second time in as many months I was able to find an apartment share. I have recommended this site to quite a few people. Regards, Annette
- Bunny
587. This service is beautifully designed. The price is very fair and reasonable. We found a great room for a price we can live with. Thanks for offering such a reliable service.
- Corleybrown
588. I found the most wonderful roommate at Roommates.com. We were both amazed at how much we had in common and how we clicked so easily. This was definitely a life changing experience. Thank you.
- Laurs
589. Best $20 dollars I've spent in a long time! No lie, found someone who's our kind of people, and it only took two weeks. Good luck to all y'all out there still looking.
- Ishme
590. This was a great website. Within minutes I had found the perfect apartment and roommates. Thank you so much!!
- Jmlewis