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601. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website. I was really in a jam and needed to find a place to go ASAP. I found a really neat roomate and it took me less than 24 hours to do it! I will refer all of my friends to your website. If youever need a testimonial let me know I would be happy to do it! Thank you so much! You have an out standing set up. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.
- Ilex
602. Roommates.com is awesome! Within an hour of registering on roommates.com, I already had two messages from individuals seeking roommates. I ended up moving in with one of the individuals that emailed me. Love the website! Thank You!
- Runnergal
603. Thanks for the great service! I received an overwhelming amount of email from this website. If I ever need to find a roommate in the future, you can be certain that I will use your service again. I would highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a quality roommate! Clark
- Clark
604. I just want to say thank you for helping me find our new roommate. I know that she's going to work out great in our house. Thanks to you guys our long lost search is over and we can finally move on to hanging out and geting to know our new roommate. Once again thanks and I will be telling my friends about you guys.
605. I had a wonderful experience with roommates.com. I met with 8 residents and had a variety of options. I know no one in the area, so this saved me a lot of time and money.
- Schmacky
606. Thanks! I found a great roommate and I'm so excited to live with my new found friend!! This is the second time that I used Roommates.com and both times I found a roommated w/n 3 days. The first one was like a brother to me and then he moved to another state. Now, I have found this place and I know it's going to be great!!!! Tricia
607. Using this site was the best investment I made while trying to find an apartment. After loading my profile, I immediately started getting offers from potential roommates and had chosen a room within four days. I highly recommend Roommates.com to anyone who is searching for roommates.
- REDjls
608. I want to take the time to thank Roommates.com. This is certainly the best website to make things happen on when searching for a roommate. Two thumbs up in my opinion. Again, thanks!!
- Luigi
609. Thanks Roommates.com! Within 3 weeks I found a room to rent w/a roommate and am quite pleased w/ my new living arrangements. You really make the process simple & painless.
610. Thank you for your services. It really worked out well. I've found a roommate in just a couple of weeks! I'll recommend you to all my friends. Thanks again!
- Fv