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  1. Great site! Within a couple of days I found the ideal place to live. Keep up the good work! - Omarchavez

  2. Thanks, I found a roommate only a couple of days after signing up that suits my tastes perfectly. The service and results I got were very efficient and satisfying. - Pallas3632

  3. Your site has been nothing short of phenomenal! Easy to use, and I received results the first day. When I am ready for a place, I have the phone numbers of three individuals of whom will share their residence with me. I tried two other sites regarding finding roommates. What a joke! Difficult and confusing to use. I e-mailed them the suggestion to check out your site, to see how to properly set one up. - Vimic

  4. was a very plesant experience. I didn't even need a place so soon, but found one after only two days. I'm moving as I write this message! THANKS!! - Mature27


  6. I've used this service before and without a doubt it is one of the very best one out there. I got so many replies it was at times difficult to meet with all potential roommates (not enough time in a day!) Two years ago I was skeptical trying out this site and was registered at few other ones also, but since then this is the only service I've use. The quality of people is simply fantastic! Most are really nice individuals looking for a good roommate and I am very pleased with my experience thus far and am still friends with my past roommates and even potential roommates :) On a scale of 1 to 10 I will give this service 15! Definitely fantastic! - Sarah

  7. After all the apt. searching I've done over the years, this was hands down, bar none, THE BEST thing I have ever used. No more newspapers or any type of other searches. If I ever need a roommate/new apt I'll be coming straight here and nowhere else. I found my new home in record time, and it was completely worth the few dollars I spent for the three day service. - Beth

  8. Thank you! Thanks to you I found an awesome place to live for a good price. The girl that I am going to move in with is really nice and responsible. I don't know how long it would have taken me to find a roommate had I not used you. It is a great service that I will tell everyone about. Sincerely - Katy

  9. I just wanted to say thank you. I was very skeptical of this service at first, but now after finding and meeting my new roommate I can't believe I almost didn't use I am going to recommend it to all of my friends. I am new to the area I moved to and my roommate made my life much easier. - Nichole

  10. Thanks so much for providing this service. I thought I had secured a room through another website, but it totally didn't work out. In a panic, I started browsing the site and - within two hours - had found a great match for the summer. I would not have a place to live without this site! - Emily

  11. I found my roommate and we are actually moving into a 2 bedroom this weekend!!! Everything is great and our personalities blend together perfectly!! This is such a blessing and is going to help so much on finances!! Thanks so much - Kristi

  12. Thank you so much! This is such a great service! I told two of my friends about you and they both registered onto this site. They now both have new roommates! Thank you! Shannon - Shannygrl

  13. I am so happy to have found the right roommate situation. This person and me are really compatible to be living together and help each other out. I want to thank you for everything. You will always be my first referral if ever I or a friend needs a place to look for. Snowy - Sunny44

  14. This site has saved me so much money, time, and stress! I had so many different situations to choose from and I found a perfect match within a week! Thank you for this site!!! - Josh242004

  15. Thank you for your wonderful service! It greatly helped reduce the stress of this move. I was able to find the perfect roommate in one week! Thank you, again! - Icr8designs

  16. Wow - I've never seen a roommate service that worked better. I found the perfect roommate in record time - The combination of the exact profile matching AND the fact that the site is well enough used to give a wide pool of potential matches really makes all the difference. I was annoyed at first at having to pay, but it was more than worth it. - Kerin

  17. AMAZING! I can't tell you how helpful this website is... after weeks of an unsuccessful hunt, I found a place literally half an hour after registering. I wish this had been my first stop- the best five dollars I've ever spent! - Katiel

  18. This is the best site out there. Great job!!! I've found all my roommates through this service...back when it was, too. Thanks again!!! - Darwin

  19. Thank you for your service once again!! I have a 6 bedroom house and will continue to use this site as long as I rent out rooms. You guys are the best! I always find awesome roommates here. - Char

  20. I think has a wonderful program; it's very user friendly. Perfect search criteria for matches. The ability to post pictures is a great option. Thank you!! - FrancesS

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