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  1. Thanks!! You really made it easy for me to find a roommate. I felt safe because no personal information was required unless I decided to give it out. It seems that my new roommate and I will get along great! - Tiphboe13

  2. Finding a room to rent throught your site has been the easiest I have ever seen. Thank you very much for your help. - Kevin

  3. I have been using this service for the last three years & it has never failed me. Thanks, Sincerely. - LaVon

  4. Thank you very much for everything. I have found my roommates through your site and am very excited to meet them. I live in Tampa, Florida and they are coming in from Poland. It's two young women on summer break. Since I'm 100% Polish they agreed to teach me about my heritage. Including speaking Polish and helping me perfect my Polish cooking. They arrive in two days and I'm very excited! Thank you for everything. - Lia

  5. This is a good service. I know that there are other apartments/rooms in the area, but being from out of town this service gave me some good choices. Thank you - Scott

  6. Thank you so much for your service! I have found a roommate through your service! Not only did I find a quality person, but I found one quick! Within 2 days! I will definitely recommend your service to others that are looking for potential roommates. Thanks Again. - Stephanie

  7. This was a great site that a nurse recommended to me while I was in the hospital. I would recommend this site and will use again when my room becomes available again. Thank you so much. - Marie

  8. Thank you very much for your professional service. I have found a super nice person to room with, we have so much in common and we both are comfortable in our decision with this move together again our greatest thanks and good luck to everyone in finding the perfect roommate. - Victoria

  9. This has got to be the BEST resource for finding roommates. Thanks! - Angela

  10. Your website is great! It made an overwhelming search easy and organized. I found my roommate very quickly and made some good friends also! - Emily

  11. I am a recent graduate from a college up north with the hopes of moving down south. I didn't know a single person in my selected state so I was impressed and excited to stumble upon this website service! It didn't take long to find a great match for myself and my future roommate so I would like to say "Thank You". Additionally, I found this site to be helpful with simply meeting people in the town I am moving to. Now I feel more comfortable with the idea of traveling to a new place since I already have people I know and will get to hang out with! - Ryan

  12. Thank you so much! I found some wonderful apartments and roommates, and found the perfect match for me! Your website was easy to navigate, and email notifications are a bonus. Thanks again! - Moxie79

  13. I found the perfect roommate for my friend through your "Match" email service and took advantage of the Choice upgrade to see their emails and phone info so I could contact them directly. I tried several services in my area and found yours the best.Good job and I would recommend your service! Dale - Dhardman

  14. Indeed I did! I found my new residence on the first day! This service is truly phenomenal! Thanks! - Your_Mom

  15. I was surprised at how many responses I received! I was actually able to learn more about prospective roommates and be more selective than if I had put an ad in the newspaper. As a result, I found a roommate who I am sure will work out fabulously! Thanks,! - MustLikeDogs

  16. I was really worried about finding roommates, but using helped me out so much! I found 2 awesome roommates so quick! I definitely recommend anyone looking for a room or roommate to use your services! THANK YOU! - Beth

  17. Your service is WONDERFUL! I found a new roommate within a week and am very excited to move in. Thank you for providing such a great service. I would reccommend it to anyone in search of a new roommate. - Shutterbug25

  18. This is the second time that I have used with complete success. Both times I have found friendly compatible people with little stress and without the multitudes of random telephone calls one experiences when placing an ad in the paper. I love that you can prescreen and talk to them online before giving them your personal info. Thanks again for making my roommate search easy! - Gidget24

  19. I am just thrilled that we were able to find a new roommate for my daughter. The match up seems perfect. I highly recommend your service. Within just a couple of hours of posting our "Room Available" profile, our prospective roommate contacted us. - Lola522

  20. Thanks for your help in finding the greatest roommate ever! I met my roommate on your site and she has made it easier for me to adjust to a new environment. She is very fun and helpful in making me comfortable in a new city and a new life. - Improvisor25

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