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  1. I found a sweet, wonderful roommate through When we met, we instantly hit it off. I found her through MatchPlus, we found a place we both liked and we are moving in at the end of this month. Thanks! - Lisa

  2. Thanks to your site I have a new roommate it only took 3 days. I was surprised how well it turned out. I was skeptical at first but since I met my roommate and we seem to hit it off as if we had been friends a while. Thanks - Patricia

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  9. This experience was a breeze. My roommate, Karen, moved in this weekend. So far, we're really enjoying each other. Thank you,, for giving us the opportunity to meet each other and begin a new friendship! - Lauren

  10. Wow....that's all I can say. I put my ad up on Thursday, got a call back on Friday, checked it out on Saturday and am moving in on May 15th. Thanks. Your service is great and well worth the money I spent. Thanks again. - Mark

  11. It is so easy through to find a roommate. I have found two this way and both have been great. Thank you for being here. - Mary

  12. I just want to say that this was the BEST service that I've seen. I signed up last Monday and upgraded to a trial choice membership for 3 days. I then got to read the mail that I had from people. I found a couple that I wanted to talk to about renting with, and within those 3 days we "sealed the deal" and I now will be living with a roommate I found through this service! It was quick and easy! Thanks again you've helped me a great deal! - Jenna

  13. Thanks for the help looking for a roommate. I liked using your service in that it provided a nice profile of who potential roommates were and what their homes were like. - Julie

  14. A friend of mine suggested I go to too find someone to house share with. I recently went through a divorce and have a beautiful 3 story home. I was seeking a professional to share in expenses. I was so pleased with this experience. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you - Brenda

  15. This site was amazing. I found a roommate right away and right in the place I needed it. I love this website and would recommend it to anyone; I already have to all my friends at college who are graduating or will be graduating. Without this site I never would have been able to get my internship. THANK YOU SO MUCH ROOMMATES.COM!!!!!!!!! - Butch4483

  16. I found the absolute perfect roommate on the exact day that I needed one. We hit it off really well and I'm so relieved to have found a nice, normal person that I can really get along with. Thank you for making this usually-scary process not scary at all! - BrandiH

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  18. I've successfully found another roommate through your services. Thank you!! It's a great and easy way to look for a roommate. It decreases the stress of the whole process so much! - Bof19

  19. I found a fantastic roommate through your's great to be able to read about someone before you decide to meet them, as opposed to the totally blind method of placing an ad in the paper! This is my second success with, and I recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you! - BB408

  20. Very helpful service! Easy to use, precise, and succesfull! Well worth the cost of enrolling. I will definitely use this service again. Thank You! - Turtle71

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