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2,503 testimonials... and counting.

641. Thanks so much! I found the perfect location with the perfect people! Best thing I did in a long time!!!
- Alma
642. Thank you, roommates.com. You helped me to find a roommate in less than a week. In what should have been a very stressful period for me, you made things quick and easy! Thanks again.
- NikiH
643. It was the easiest time I've found a roommate! I had quality people interested and had a hard time for the first time in my life choosing one.
- Italian
644. I am so glad to have found your service. I found a beautiful place to live with great people. A few of us in the apartment are from Roommates.com. I loved how accessable your site is. This made my transition so much easier, and took a load of stress off of me. Thank you so much! I would recommend Roommates.com in a heartbeat.
- Jennifer
645. I found a roommate within 24 hours of signing on to this website. If ever I need a new place again, this site will be the first place I look! Who needs a newspaper when you've got Roommates.com? Thanks!
- Vivian
646. My husband was skeptical about using Roommate.com but I convinced him to try it for a couple of weeks. When we advertised the room in the past we always put it in the local paper and for two weeks for four days it cost us over $100.00. We were able to find a roommate within a week of putting it in Roommate.com. My husband was impressed about us being able screen the people who came over to look at the room. The price was the catch for me and we found a roommate in a week, it was worth the cost of becoming a member. When you advertise in the paper you have no idea or know anything about them until they show up at the front door. Some of the people who have responded from the paper and have come over to see our room we wanted to shut the door right away.Thank you.
- Teresa
647. Once again, Roommates.com tops everyone else 2 for 2 in my search for roommates over the last year.Extremely great search engine, criteria searches.
- Kevin
648. The roommate I found through your site last September was a wonderful match. We have hit it off so well as roommates that we are now going to get married! Thank you Roommates.com!!
- Lia
649. I just rented out my second bedroom, again through your website. I desperately needed to rent out the rooms and you came through. I love you!!! Sandy
- Sandy
650. Quick comment for you. This website is totally awesome. You completely saved me so that I wouldn't have to cover my rent with no roommate. I'm sure the roommate I found and I will become great freinds as well. Thanks!
- Timothy