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  1. Found some amazing people through this service. I had to make a tough choice between two great situations with really good people. In retrospect, the choice wasn't hard at all. My new roommates are fantastic! Thank you very much for providing this site. - Will

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  5. Your service was truly a God sent. I had so many offers for rooms and it was a wonderful experience. I have found a room through your service. I am looking forward to my new life. Thank you. - Diane

  6. You guys were a life savor. I was moving but had know where to live, and that was the biggest headache. But for some reason your web site popped up while browsing the web...didn't know what to do at first but I was so happy when I entered the site and signed up. It was unreal I started to get more replies than I do with my regular mail box hahahahhahaa.i found a roommate within days, and now I can relax and know that the hunt is over. I will tell others about u. Thanks again...u guys deserve 5 stars. I'll give u 6... - David

  7. This is definitely the best way to look for a roommate! I had alot of responses and was able to talk and meet with some of them. I think I found the perfect roommate. - TPeelen57

  8. is definitely best roommate site on the net. I found the matches that fit my criteria exactly. The other sites I tried were not as thorough as yours, the matches were usually outside my desired geographic area, and the members were not within the age group wanted. I didn't have to settle for a roommate but found the perfect situation within 3 days of registering on your site and will be moving in 2 weeks. Thanks so much! - Oldsparky

  9. Your site was great; I had been trying to find a roommate for months with no luck, and a week after I began using your site, I found a great person to live with. I will definitely use this site in the future, as well as recommend it to friends! Thanks! - Jessi2713

  10. Thank you so much for your service. I needed to find a place within a month and it would have been impossible if I did it through classified ads. I was surprised how many emails I got and I am glad I found your site. Again thank you and if I need to move again, I will definitely use this. - Plane90

  11. This is a great service! Approximately 12 minutes after I signed up there was a match and by the fourth day the room was rented. Thanks! - JAY-ME

  12. Thank you so much. This was a great service, and without it people would have to regretfully use the newspapers at a ridiculious price. - Veggiesrock

  13. What a great service. I signed up for 3 other sites and none of them compared to yours. Your daily email matches were great especially since they actually fit the set criteria I had asked for. Other sites would send me "matches" of individuals who were looking to live about 30 miles away and for about $400/month than what I was looking for. It's no wonder that is far and away the best roommate search engine in the world!!!! - Steve

  14. I had been trying to move from South Dakota to Nashville for quite awhile. I found a great residence and roommate through your service. Thank you very much. (I'm a gospel singer and keyboardist.) This move was a long-term dream that finally happened. - Mona

  15. I love that you can buy a membership for a couple of days at a time. That helped me out immensely and put you a step above the rest. We found the perfect roommate, thanks to you! - Michelle

  16. Thanks for the help...I found a roommate and at a lower price than I had originally hoped for. I would recommend this service to my friends or anyone looking for a roommate! - Alice

  17. I found 2 roommates over the past few months, one from Germany here for 2 months, a student studying for her PHD, which gave me time to look for another who signed the lease yesterday for May 1st.Great site! Thanks! - Rebecca

  18. has been a fantastic source for finding me the perfect roommate. I was able to find a roommate/home across the country just through using your website. Plus your upgrade prices were reasonable. Thank you very much for providing such a great service. - Kelly

  19. This website has worked amazingly for me. At first I was a little hesitant about having a roommate, but I found something I was interested in and I called. The place I found is Beautiful and the people are just wonderful. I couldn't have asked for more. It was definitely worth the money and the time. Thanks so much!! - Nicole

  20. I found a roommate on :)Her place is exactly what I'm looking for and I'm confident that my dog will be happy! - Joyce

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