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  3. This site is truly invaluable. I logged on two weeks ago and am moving in today... and the best thing is, I didn't have to "settle" on a roomate I wasn't sure about personality-wise... helped me avoid that hassle. Thanks a million! - Banks

  4. I have lived in various states by my job relocating me. Each time I have used this service it has worked for me!!! Thanks - Defjef33

  5. Not only did I find a roommate but exactly where I used to live (same street, just about 6 houses down) ... Sweet! - Seth

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  8. Thank you for your help. I am here from Germany to do an internship and made it possible to find a place via internet! - Daniela

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  12. I am very impressed! Found my match in 3 days! I met with her, we spent 3 hours together getting acquainted and felt very comfortable with one another! She is moving in on the 1st. Thank you so much! I will definately refer this site to my friends and family! - Valarie

  13. This is such a wonderful service. I have found two roommates on it. I use this whenever I need to find people to rent out my spare bedrooms. I stop putting ads in the paper just because meeting people this way is a lot safer and faster. - Heather

  14. I listed with on March 10, and by March 14, I found a roommate. I showed the apartment to three people through, and "clicked" with the first girl I showed it to. It was like friends at first sight! She's moving here in two weeks, and we couldn't be more excited. The membership was money well spent. Thanks,! - Emily

  15. Once again your service was the one that worked. You distinguished yourself again with your searching technology, and the matches. Other sites kept providing us with people well below our rent threshold, and smokers for our non-smoking home. Your engine is the only one which actually provided us with the people we wanted to meet.I'm definately a repeat customer. - James

  16. This was so easy to find a roommate. Actully, she contacted me about her opening and I fell in love with it! Thanks so much for this awesome service! - Sara

  17. Great site. Helped me find a great roomate the first day I moved into town. Would defintely use this service again in the future if needed. - David

  18. I found a roommate throught you all. It was a great help to have a web sight that helps you through it all - Sally

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  20. Thanks so much for your help. This is a really wonderful site. I found my last roommate here too and she was wonderful. My last roommate moved out unexpectedly so I was really stressed but using I found a new one within 3 weeks and it was really easy. Thanks again for all your help and I'll be back every time I need a roommate!! - Charlene

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