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  1. has worked wonders for me. I quickly found my room on this site when I was looking to move in. Then when my roommates moved out recently, I was able find 2 new ones within 1 week. Thank you for your service. - HB_sandyfeet

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  5. Thank you for your services. For International "roommate seekers" like myself, this was a life saver. If I'm to be on the move again, this will be the first place I start. Cheers! - James

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  14. Great website. Awesome resource. I couldn't have asked for more. Everything i needed to know was a click away. The system always shows the best matches/search results first...all for free! And the advanced features, mail, pictures, comments, are all worth the low subscription cost. If I'm in need of a place again, or know someone who does, I'll be sure to send them to! - NiteFever

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  16. I really enjoy this website. It has helped me through two roommates in the past. I know I will be coming here first the next time I'm in need of anyone. Thanks! - Valentine77

  17. It has worked out great! Great house, great roommates, great price, in a great city! Thank you! - Scott

  18. This is undoubtedly a great resource for people who don't have a lot of time and don't want to weed through outdated newspaper ads. Heck, I work for a newspaper and still don't trust our ads. Finding a roommate has never been easier or quicker! - Rick

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