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  1. Thank you so much! I don't know how people found roommates with such efficiency and convenience before the internet and your website. Thank you very much! - Jennifer

  2. Thanks so much for your service. I have found a roommate using your service. I don't think it could have been as smooth for me had it not been for again! - Zac

  3. I am so happy I used your service. I have had nothing but quality people check out my place and I found someone that fit my needs perfectly. I would glady use your service again in the future if i ever need to find a roommate again.Thanks. - Adrian

  4. 'Twas a pleasure to use this service. The website is very well designed and that made finding a roommate that much more pleasant. Thank you for a great experience. My situation couldn't be better - thanks for providing this service. - Karen

  5. Great Service!Very easy to use. I'd been looking for a housemate for months,and found one here in 10 days.I would use this service again in a minute!Thanks. - Raeder

  6. Thank you! This service was incredibly helpful for me and easy to use. I moved to San Diego from overseas, and I was able to arrange and narrow down potential living arrangements before my arrival. It just so happened that the first place I looked at upon my arrival was my match! The quality of individuals and places were top notch. I would highly recommend this service to anyone else in need of finding roommates. - Meg

  7. This is the second time I have used to help find a place to live. It's been much better than using the newspapers. Both times I found good places to stay and the selection is great! Easy to navigate pages make it easy enough for anyone to use. Good job and Thank you,! - Eric

  8. I wasn't sure I would find someone to sublet a room in my house just for a few months, but after several emails and a couple of phone calls, I found someone for whom the temporary availability really worked. Thanks! - Patrick

  9. worked for me! I got the roommate I was looking for in less than a month and I had a lot of stipulations. Much more convenient than going through the newspapers and less expensive. Thank you! - Renna

  10. It was great. I realized I needed a place to move and found one in three days. This service is really great. I will always use it when I need a place to move to. Takes all the dirty work out of finding place and is almost too easy. - Shawn

  11. I found someone in a matter of days through your service. What a valuable membership! The very first person that came and looked at the place decided to move in and is the perfect match. Thanks for providing such an effective service! - MC_Escher

  12. I found a roommate! Thank you so much. I wish I had learned about your website sooner. It was easy to use and very effective in my search. I was getting results the very first day I used it. I will always use your website to search for roommate in the future and would recommend your website to anyone. You can label me a very satisfied customer. Thank you again. - CBalbuena

  13. Thank you, Yes, I did find a roommate. A friend told me about this website and I'm very, very glad that I tried it!! To all the people who are looking for roommates, I recommend "" THANK YOU. Melissa - Melissaalyse

  14. Roommates worked great for me. I recieved many offers for rooms and I was able to pick through them and find the one that worked best for me. Thanks for making it so easy! - Emmalee81

  15. I think your service is great. I got so many responses! I will use it again when needed. - Flip53

  16. Great website, it helped me find a roommate in two days and I am really happy in my new place :o) Thank you very much Silvia - Sifika

  17. I found a place to live in less than a week. It could NOT have been easier or a better match! I love my new place! Thank you Roommates! - Silveroli

  18. I'm so happy with! I found roommates within 2 weeks in the exact area I was looking. I also made a friend through another meeting with a potential roommate. I'm moving to a place where I know very few people so that was great. Using was the best money I ever spent. Thanks. - JWen

  19. Your service was great. I was able to find the perfect roommate in less than 1 week. The process, the security and everything about your service made my moving transition a pleasurable experience. - My3mijos

  20. I listed my room here one day, had two people look at it by the next morning, and rented it out right away! Thank you! - Dolphinzluvr

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