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  1. I had to relocate from across the country so I went onto I am now living with with a great roommate! We both were looking for the same things, a no-lease 3-6 months. We are doing wonderfully. Great service! I recommend it highly. - Hotrod

  2. I really love the way this website is ran. I also really appreciate all the help from this organization. I will definitely use again in the future. - Manna

  3. I actually found TWO roommates through! Both are great people and new friends. The first roommate I was able to locate has been in the house for just under a year and has no plans of leaving anytime soon and the newest roomie had only planned to stay for a few months and is considering a longer lease. At $300 a month per person, has saved me thousands of dollars in mortgage payements already. - Ben

  4. I can't rave enough about They found me so many matches and gave me way more than I ever expected. I have found a great roommate, and am sure that I will be happy with my new living arrangements. Thank you again. - David

  5. This is a very good service. I would recommend anyone to use this service. gives you the freedom to be very specific about yourself and the roommate you are seeking. Thanks!!!! - Renee

  6. This was a very safe and easy way to find a roommate. You don't have to be bothered by annoying phone calls at all hours of the day & night. If you are not interested in the person answering your ad, then you don't have to respond. Very effective and pleasant way of weeding out people you don't feel would be suited for your situation. - Christina

  7. Thanks for this great service. It was really a lifesaver, considering that I had to find a place to live in another state and only had 2 days to physically do it. - Mark

  8. thank you this site put two roommates in my house in such a short time. I had tried the news papers but really very few callers. thank you - Richard

  9. Thank you very much for your assistance. made the difficult process of finding a roommate much easier. In about one week I was contacted by almost 10 people. The amount of information your profile system provides made it very easy to quickly find someone in the area, price, and personality type I was looking for. Well done. - Leebrown

  10. I did find a great roommate through, I was also on two other sites, but was by far the easiest to use, least expensive, and definetly had the most matches. I would recommend this site to anyone concidering a roommate. - Dave

  11. Thank you so much for your service. I must say, I signed on rather uncertain of what to expect; however, your service has been phenominal. I have found a very fitting roommate, and I am grateful to you for that. - Erika

  12. is a fantastic service. It is well thought out and easy to use. I found a roommate that was relocating from Texas to Florida and we hit it off immediately. My search took only 3 days thanks to I will definitely use the service again if I am in the market for another roommate and would recommend the service to another without hesitation. Great job! - Andrew

  13. Thank-you so much for all of your help! I am very pleased with the services you had to offer me. I found a place to live and would never had found it if it wasn't for this website. We are telling everyone that we know who is in need of a room! Thank-you again!!!! If you want follow up information or a letter or something please e-mail me I would tell anyone how great your services are! - Tiffany

  14. I was very happy with the service, and found a good roomate who met all of my criteria (plus) in a very quick manner. Thank you, - Frank

  15. There is simply no better way to find a roommate than on I received dozens of messages about available rooms and I was able to choose from many excellent options. With all of those options available, I found outstanding roommates and I'm extremely pleased. I've even found some good friends in the process. Your system took the stress out of finding a new home. No more classified ads or grapevine searching for me. I'm sold on - Robert

  16. This was a very very worthwhile service. Upgrading to the month long subscription was actually cheaper than it would have been to buy newspapers. I found a great place and great roomates. Normal people do use online services!!!!!!! - Melissa

  17. This is a fantastic site. I was on the site for only a few minutes when I recieved my first reply. I had more responses that I could handle! It was an enjoyable experience, as I was able to contact several of them, take a look at the places, then choose from the list! I don't think I could have found a better deal if I'd tried, especially without help like this site! - Jeremiah

  18. Everyone I spoke to loves this service & I am now one of them. Thank you - Anna

  19. Yea!!! I subscribed to and I am not kidding... I found a roommate the same day!!!! I e-mailed a match and that very day we met up and are now roomies!!! Thanks, and good luck to everyone!!! - Feliz

  20. The Service is great way to meet roommates less than running an add in the paper and you get there information first to see how compatible you really are before you initiate any interview process. Who has time to interview everyone one that calls you from a general add this helps you get brief basic information about a potential roommate which it does make easier to locate a roommate I had plenty of responses. I do love this site and i will recommend it to other in the future! Good job - Zaul

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