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  1. wow you guys are the best. I thought it would be tough to find a good/compatible roomate because I lived out of the area. The connections that I made through fit really well with what I was looking for. The people that I called from newspaper ads weren't at all what I was looking for. - Lucas

  2. I was very pleased by the services that offered. It is a very professionally handled sight and I found the site easy to navigate. I am also very pleased by the response that I've gotten to my profile and am happy that I have found a roommate so quickly. I will definitely recommend this site to anyone needing's services. - Roslyn

  3. The first person I got in touch with through turned out to be a perfect match. Thank you!! - Carmen

  4. Of all the roomate finding services, i like yours the best. I like how I can contact people and they can let me know they are interested before I pay. With the other sites, I can't do anything until I've paid, but I have to idea how beneficial they are. Thanks! - Natalie

  5. I found that this is a really good site in finding someone. I was able to screen people a head of time and I was able to find a place with my preferences. I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a place. Thank you. - Chris

  6. This service worked extremely well for me. You wouldn't think that it's easy to find a nice place when you have two kids part-time and a dog fulltime, but through this service I moved into the exact situation I had in mind right away. Lucky me...Great you! Thanks! Rick - OTRAgain

  7. I have used twice now and have just found my second roommate! The prices are great and it's the only service where I've had so many different respones; if I need to avertise in the future i will definitely use I highly recommend the service to other people who are looking to find a roommate..Thank You RUBY.. - Ruby48

  8. Thank you, I have used the last two times I had to rent a room and am very satisfied with the service. I felt more secure when visiting locations because I was able to check out profiles and talk to them before meeting them. It was also so fast and easy! Thanks again!...Lisa - Stardustl

  9. You have an excellent service! We were able to locate a roommate and seal the deal in no time. Before we deactivated our account we had more contacts than we could handle. Thanks and keep up the good work. We have reccomended you to all our friends and family members as well! - Saltywarrior

  10. This site works wonders! I found a really great roommate through here and if my needs ever change, I know where to go. I'll send all of my friends to! Thanks!!!! - Jewelofagirl

  11. This is a great service! I found my new roommates and home with ease and speed. - GavPorty

  12. I am so thankful to this site! I was really worried I would never get the room rented but the roommate we found on here is AWESOME! I am hoping the situation will work for quite a while. Thanks!!! - Angi_marie26

  13. Thanks for the help roommate! It is the first time I have used such a service, and it took less time than posting adds in local stores or passing the message "word of mouth". Should I need assistance again, I will certainly use 2dream4 - David - 2dream4

  14. This service is wonderful. I found my roommate right away with this site. She moved in 3 weeks ago and everything is going great! Thanks - Kbmb823

  15. I thank you so much. I had actually deactivated my account when one of my friends moved in. Turns out that he was shipped off to war and I was stuck with the bill. Fortunately I still had a few days left on my membership, logged on, was contacted and got to pick and choose between a number of different people. Now I have a great roommate. Thanks again folks, great site. Sincerely, - Archer

  16. I am very pleased with I found very nice and friendly roommates living in a house in the optimal position for my needs. I have to state that has provided to me a really good housing service. It has gone beyond my expectations. Moreover I spent a very short time to find my house. It has been a very fast and easy process. After one week since my first login I found my favorite house. Thanks a lot to all people working in order to realize and maintaining the housing service provided by - Tricheco

  17. I found a roommate thru this service. We have been living together for just a few weeks, but itís been great. She is becoming a good friend of mine. Didnít think I would find a situation this good. Thanks!!! - Lauren

  18. This was my first time with and it was great! I am so happy that I found a roommate so quickly. I'll use this service again next time and I've already told all my friends about its success! Thanks. - KBiz

  19. I looked at four apartments through, but ended up finding a place on my own. This service was a valuable addition to the classifieds and postings at local coffee shops. By allowing me to pinpoint my desired location, age group, and other criteria, I could quickly separate the wheat from the chaff, if you will, and immediately get in touch with compatible prospective roommates. - John

  20. Personally, I found this to be a great service. I have used others in the past and found people to be very flaky and undecisive. It seemed to me that the real professionals and people desiring suitable housing were on Roommates.Com - Steve

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