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  1. Someone suggested that I try it and it worked well, I am about to move in with people I am compatible with and the rent is affordable. Thanks! - Spath3

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  8. I was using for just a few days before I found my current roommates. They are great. The house we share is right by my work and we all get along so well. If it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have found them, and I'm happy that I did. Thank you! - Merose17

  9. WOW what an amazing service. I found a roommate within two days of posting my profile -- even though I am six thousand miles away in New Zealand!!! My mind is now at rest that I can return home and there's a place to live with a great housemate just waiting for me. Thanks! Beth - Zabeth

  10. Your site was super! I posted my place on and found someone here on campus...which is where I'd prefer to live. Thank you for your services...they are wonderful! Cori - Smileygirl78

  11. This is the second time that I've used this service, and both times it has proven to be an extremely effective tool in finding an appropriate match. Thanks for your practical creativity. Abel - The1abel

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  14. was great! It was nice to be able to pick from several different places, and I really had the opportunity to be picky. This is such a great system, and it made my roommate search so much easier. - Stephers

  15. I found a renter less than three miles from where I currently am. Very helpful service, and I will use it again in the future if I need a renter. - Bgus

  16. This is an awesome website. I found a roommate within 4 days of moving back to LA! ER - Sayhey

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  18. I have used your service quite successfully for years. I find that users are more intelligent and honest than the selection from other resources. Whenever I advertise a room on your site not only do I find a quality roommate, but I always find a friend. Once again I am satisfactorily matched up with a great roommate. Your site works Nation-wide! No matter where I move I do not worry, I know I will find a new roomate, a quality person through It is worth the money and much better than the newspaper. Keep up the good work! I never advertise any where else. Sincerly, Shannon Reggaro - Diggs

  19. This site worked great! I'd advise anybody looking for a roommate or place to use your website; it's already surprised several of my friends who quick it takes to find a roommate. Thanks a lot! - WF_Odysseus

  20. your service has been a huge help in my life. I found a roommate and a house that is absolutely perfect. This will help me get back on my feet and make a better life for myself. Thank you Sincerely, Eric M Long - Uberelong

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