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  1. I am very happy to say I found a WONDERFUL roommate through I am lucky to have had the opportunity to use this website, and am very pleased with the outcome. This gave me the opportunity to meet someone who was hours away, and that was moving to my neighborhood. I am so pleased with this website and how easy it was to set up and get connected to people. A huge thank you from me, and my roommate! - Bridgette

  2. Another perfect living arrangement found, thank you! This is my second happy story of your helping me find pleasant accommodations while I am on long-term work assignments out-of-town (from my "permanent" home address in Detroit, MI). - Daryl

  3. helped me fast. They gave me tons of options and great profiles so I could find a roommate that would match me. The email option was awesome and I had been looking for a month and a half before I used Then when I logged on, I got tons of emails the next day.... They were great. Thanks - Sara

  4. Thank you so much. I am currently living in my new residence. I am extremely pleased with the roommate and location of our apartment. This would have never been possible if it weren't for such a good service. It was quick and easy and I'm very satisfied with the results. i have recommended this service to friends. Thanks again. - Beth

  5. I ,Sebastian would like to say to everyone looking for a roommate out there ,this site is the one for making that happen. I have a roommate and it has turned out really great we are so compatible, which post and list everyone’s hobbies and personality to work in you choosing your roommate. I just want to say that is the #1 site around the world and I am satisfied - Sebastian

  6. I found a roommate through The process of picking a roommate on short notice is really stressful, but this website helped us find someone really nice, respectable, and a good match for our home... thanks! - Jessica

  7. Well, it worked! Great site you have here. It is very smartly designed with everything you need and nothing extra that you don't need. The site is very easy to use and navigate - there are quick links to get you everywhere you need to go from any page on the site. On the technical side, the look and feel of the site is excellent as are the search capabilities. The webmail interface works well and is a nice feature: it's great to be able to separate the e-mail from your personal e-mail. I could almost always make a suggestion for improvement on a website, but has it nailed. Nothing here to change! You're best off leaving this site the way it is: clean, functional, and effective. To sum up: delivers on its promise. - Curtis

  8. Like they say, "sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince/princess". I found my "princess" on Roommates.Com. Patience and persistence is key. Thanx Roommates.Com - Shelley

  9. Three words! This REALLY works! Although I was skeptical at first, this site allowed me to actually choose MY roommate and not the other way around! The responses were legit and immediate and I have found a roommate within one week of posting my listing! I would surely recommend this service to any and everyone and I will use this site again when I need another roommate! Thanks again. - Ben

  10. It took a little while to find a good prospective place to live, but that is understandable. I would definitely recommend this service to other people, and have done so. the service that you provide is a wonderful one, and at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much. - Joe

  11. Thanks!! You have a very useful service and I had a great place within a week of signing up. If I move again I'll definitely be returning to your services...Mike - Mharper6

  12. Thanks so much! I found the greatest place and two of the coolest people through you guys! I will definatly recommend you to others and would use you again in a heartbeat! Thanks! - Krissi

  13. We found the perfect place to live! Thank you so much for your fantastic, professional service. I will highly recommend this website to everyone I know. Thanks again. - Gina and David

  14. Thank you guys for offering a great service! I've lived in Orlando my entire life and was running out of options in finding someone to rent my extra room to. I had asked just about everyone I knew. I knew I would have to try and find a "stranger" to move into my place and I wasn't too sure how I felt about this. Instead of running an add in the local paper for $70/week, somebody told me about your website. I signed up and a day later had a response! Would you beleive that it ended up being a friend I had worked with some years ago and lost touch with. We ended up inking the deal two days after we first contacted each other! I'm sure it doesn't always happen this way, but I would have never had a way of contacting this person had it not been for your service! Thanks again!!! I will certainly recommend you guys to others!!! - Dan

  15. Thanks again, again, and again. I have found a roommate for the third time, with in a two weeks period, or less. - Javier

  16. After over ten moves across the country and overseas, this service has proven to be the quickest and most productive of any method I've ever used. Even though we lived here before, it still beat out the word-of-mouth method. I would recommend this to anyone who is searching for a room or roomate. Great job! - Doug

  17. I'd been looking for a place to stay for a month and a half before I came across I registered and within three days I had a place. This site is absolutely fantastic! - Christen

  18. Thank you so much for providing this service for such a cheap price. Other services cost so much more and you get fewer matches. I found both of my roommates through your service and they are working out perfectly. Thank you so much! - Lauren

  19. I have found a wonderful roommate-it only took a month to find the right person. I love your sevice and have recommended it to friends. Thanks - Jade

  20. Great website! I met some real crazy people, but in the end you guys filled your end of the bargin by far! Yous found me an absoutly beautiful home with a great roommate! You live up to your name! Thanks again! - James

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